Gravity Flush Toilet, How Does it Function?

Children of all ages have a natural curiosity about everything. Therefore, to a young child, a toilet is the most mysterious thing in the world. As a child, I always wondered about toilets, like where the water comes from and how it works.

Are you thinking the same thing about how a toilet works? Well, there are different types of toilets, and ‘Gravity Flush Toilet‘ is one of them. Now, you can read the article to learn how gravity flush toilets work and what it is.

What is a Gravity Flush Toilet?

A gravity flush toilet is a toilet that is used in homes, relying solely on gravity to push water and its contents down the drain when flushed. That implies that no additional mechanical, electrical, or pressure force is required.

How Does Gravity Flush Toilet Function?

A gravity flush toilet has a gravity flush system that depends wholly on gravitational force. However, how a gravity flush toilet functions are given below:

First, a water supply pipe fills the toilet tank with water before flushing. Then, in the tank, a lever lifts a chain that pushes the flapper valve up when you push the handle to flush.

This procedure reveals the tank’s entrance for the flush valve. At this point, the water in the tank is forced into the bowl by gravity, which acts as a lever to push the water via the opening of the flush valve.

After that, the water is forced by some holes along the toilet bowl’s rim. This circular pattern of water flow aids in forcing the bowl’s contents down the drain. The trap, a bend in the toilet’s drainage channel before it empties into the floor’s sewer drain, should be able to transport everything through with the assistance of gravity.

Lastly, the water supply pipe refills the toilet bowl and tank after completing the flush cycle. And when the water fills up to a specific level, a float ball or cup rises with the water and closes the fill valve.

Gravity Flush Toilet Pros and Cons

Gravity flush toilets are the most common gravity-fed toilet flushing system. It means this gravity flush toilet works with the help of gravitational force. However, the pros and cons of gravity flush toilets are:


  • Gravity flush toilet flushes silently.
  • It is simple to fix and find replacement components.
  • Gravity flush toilets are ideal for usage at home.
  • It is simple to clean because of its natural or traditional flushing system.


  • Toilets that use gravity as an aid have a lower water volume efficiency.
  • With extensive plumbing needs, like those in commercial buildings, it is not suitable.

What Is The Difference Between Gravity Flush And Pressure Flush?

The distinctions between gravity flush and pressure flush are as follows:

Firstly, Water and the earth’s gravitational force are both used by gravity to flush toilets to empty the bowl. In contrast, to increase the air pressure and facilitate flushing while keeping more water in the toilet bowl, pressure-assisted toilets use a secondary tank within the primary tank.

Secondly, the gravity flush toilet needs more water to flush the wastes. However, the pressure flush toilet consumes less water than gravity flush to flush the contents.

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Are All Toilets Gravity Flush?

If I say directly, all toilets are not gravity flush. Gravity flush toilets utilize gravitational power to work, whereas there is another toilet named pressure flush toilet, which works by mechanical pressure. If clogging is an issue, pressure flush toilets can be a solution.

However, two flushing systems lie under gravity-assisted toilets, such:

  • Double cyclone flushing
  • Dual flush

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Are Gravity Flush Toilets Good?

Although there are numerous options for specifications and styles, they are currently the most economical toilets. Many people favor gravity flush toilets since they are less expensive than other toilets on the market. They are reasonable and dependable.

What Is Power Gravity?

Power gravity flushing system is the older flushing technology from Toto that was created to offer the most flush effectiveness in low-profile toilets. It is one of the most effective flushing methods for low-profile toilets.

Which Is Better: Flush Valve or Gravity-fed?

A flush valve is better than a gravity feed. The reason is that when you flush the toilet, water is released from the water tank into the bowl.

Then, it is sucked by pressured air. This force is stronger than the one offered by gravity. It means that you may flush away more waste in a single flush. However, gravity-fed flushing systems need additional flushes to clear up the wastes.

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Which Is The Best Gravity Flush Toilet in The Market?

The best gravity flush toilet on the market is the “TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated 1.6 GPF Universal Height TORNADO FLUSH Toilet with CEFIONTECT, Cotton White – CST776CSFG#01″. It uses the tornado flush to drain the wastes.

Tornado flush system is the improved version of a double cyclone or gravity-assisted toilet flushing system. Therefore, TOTO Drake Two-Piece Elongated gravity flush toilet utilizes a toto power gravity flushing system to clean the toilet’s contents. And it can give you an advanced clean toilet.

Gravity Flush Toilet Problems And Solutions

You can encounter some common problems after using a gravity flush toilet, such as,

  • Toilet running constantly.
  • Improper Flushing

Solution of Toilet Running Constantly

The solution to the toilet running constantly is given below:

Adjust the toilet handle or pull chain again. If that is not sufficient, your flapper valve may be broken. The flapper, housed in the toilet tank, aids in the retention of water following each flush.

A distorted flapper can lead to continual running since it cannot effectively retain water. In that case, change your damaged flapper.

Solution of Improper Flushing

Firstly, check whether the water valve is switched on if the tank’s water level is low. To ensure that everything inside is in functioning order, you should check whether the pull chain is disconnected or not, the flapper is okay or not, etc. Eventually, you must decide to replace the handle, flapper, or fill valve if any of them are damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Is A Gravity Flush Performed?

Add water to the toilet tank until the overflow tube is fully submerged. The toilet can then be flushed as usual using the flush handle.

Q. What Does A Toilet With A Gravity Tank Do?

Gravity-tank toilets in tiny buildings, hotel rooms, and other low-traffic areas provide a low-pressure flush by drawing water from an associated tank.

Q. Why Does The Water Level in A Toilet Constantly Rise?

The water level in a toilet constantly rises because of a clog that stops the water from flowing through the toilet drain.

Q. What Are Gravity-feed Toilets?

Gravity-feed toilet means that the force of gravity moves water. And via that gravity, water drains out.

Q. How Long Do Toilets with Power Flushes Last?

Power flush toilets last for 30 years. You can save $3.5k in water expenditures over that period.

Q. What Types of Flushing Mechanisms Are There for Toilets?

There are two types of flushing mechanisms: gravity-assisted and pressure-assisted. The first is more typical; the second is more modern.

Final Words

Finally, you can imagine how important the gravitational force is for you. It can save your water bills and keep your house clean. But it does not mean that pressure flush toilets are less important.

However, a ‘Gravity Flush Toilet‘ is a good choice as it is reliable and less expensive. You can read the article to decide which toilet will be satisfactory and suitable for your house. So, the choice is all yours.

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