How to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle Without Professional Help

When a toilet handle becomes loose, it tends to rattle and make obnoxious noises, and sometimes even stop working entirely. That toilet, in any case, needs to be fixed right away.

We have you covered whether you have a loose toilet handle or simply want to replace your current handle with a more modern design.

Lucky for you, loose toilet handles are a simple toilet issue that you can conveniently resolve on your own. Here, we are going to tell you exactly how to fix a loose toilet handle.

Keep on reading to fix your loose toilet handle problem!

Things Required to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle

It’s a  simple process and does not necessitate the use of numerous tools. Only an adjustable wrench and a pair of pliers are required. And, if you want to go with the second approach, you’ll need a handle that’s compatible with your toilet.

Two Ways to Fix a Loose Toilet Handle

A toilet handle that has gotten loose and stopped operating can be repaired in one of two ways. The first entails repairing the old handle, while the second necessitates replacing it entirely with a new one.

By Tightening a Toilet Handle

Here’s a detailed guide to tighten that wiggling handle of your toilet.

Step 1: Cover the toilet seat

Start by covering the toilet seat with the cover.

Step 2: Remove the tank lid

Now, the main process begins.

With both hands, lift the toilet tank lid and place it on a level surface to prevent slippage and cracks. As toilet tank lids are usually heavy, you have to be careful.

Step 3: Drain all the water from the tank

You must now cut off the toilet’s shut-off valve and use the lever to drain all the water from the tank. You will find this valve at the bottom of your toilet, towards the back. Once the tank is empty, you will be able to effectively tighten it from inside.

Step 4: Twist the mounting nut till it is secured

The metal nut is positioned exactly next to the lever on the inside of the tank. In most cases, this nut is usually the source of loose handles. Now that you’ve found the root of your problem, you will be able to easily fix it.

Twist the nut counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench till it is totally secure. However, you must be careful not to over-tightenit. Over-tightening the porcelain might cause it to break, causing a worse problem.

This step should solve your loose handle problem if you execute the instructions above correctly. It’s still a good idea to go through the next step to make sure you’ve done everything correctly.

Step 5: Depress the lever to check if it works

Now all you have to do is depress the lever and see whether it feels right. If it doesn’t seem correct, you’ll need to replace the handle entirely, as we’ll see later.

Step 6: Switch on the water supply valve and replace the tank cover

That being said, if the problem has been resolved, switch on the water supply and replace the tank cover. You will be able to use your toilet as soon as the tank is full!

By Replacing a Toilet Handle

In case the handle is beyond fixing or you simply want to replace it with something new for aesthetic purposes, you can easily replace it. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Find a compatible handle

In order to replace the handle, you will have to find a compatible handle. For this, look up your toilet model on the internet. If that doesn’t help, get a universal handle; these are available in most hardware stores.

Step 2: Cover the toilet seat and remove the tank lid

Now, you will have to follow the first two steps from the previous method, that is, covering the toilet seat and removing the water tank cover.

If you are thinking to upgrading your toilet seat, check our brief reviews on best toilet seats on the market.

Step 3: Unscrew the chain clip to remove the handle

Next, locate the small chain clasp connected to the handle, which is fixated from the inside of the toilet lever. The handle is attached to the flapper by the chain clasp. You have to unscrew the clip in order to remove the handle from the toilet.

Step 4: Twist clockwise to loosen the nut

The metal nut indicated in the preceding method must be removed in this phase.

In contrast to the prior procedure, you must now loosen the nut even more. To accomplish so, grab a pair of pliers and twist them clockwise. The nut will come loose if you keep twisting.

You will be able to easily remove the handle once the nut and chain have come loose. From the next step, you will learn how to add a new handle in place of the old one.

Step 5: Unscrew the mounting nut of the new handle

Now, you have to unscrew the mounting nut of the new handle. In most cases, the nut is made of metal, however it could also be made of plastic. If you have a pair of pliers, the material doesn’t matter.

Step 6: Place the new handle in the correct position

After that, you must replace the handle in the same manner that you removed the previous one. The correct position for the handle is level with the tank’s wall.

Step 7: Attach the lever in place

Then, reaching on the inside of the tank, attach the lever using the mounting screw. You’ll have to twist in the opposite direction this time.

Step 8: Insert a small chain to the lever

Pick one of the little chains from the package and insert it through a hole on the inside portion of the lever. However, to guarantee that it flushes correctly, leave about an inch of gap.

Step 9: Turn on the water supply valve and put the tank lid back in place

Now that you’re done, turn on the water supply and check if it works. If you followed the steps correctly, it should flush without producing any noise or causing any inconvenience.

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Final Words

If you want to learn how to fix a loose toilet handle, you have to know that there are essentially two methods for repairing a toilet handle that has become loose.

You may repair that wobbly toilet handle by tightening it or replacing it completely. And, contrary to popular belief, both procedures are far simpler than they appear. You should be able to resolve your loose toilet issues by implementing the steps outlined above.

However, there are situations when the issue is far more serious and cannot be easily resolved. Although this is extremely improbable, you should nevertheless seek expert advice if the situation arises.

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