Different Types of Toilets Around The World

Beyond just the basics, toilets are one of the must-have amenities in a home or a commercial infrastructure. This is important for sanitation and proper disposal of human waste. When you’re looking to upgrade your toilet and buy a new one, the options could be overwhelming.

Toilets come in different styles, shapes, functionalities, manufacturers or brands, and technologies. Today, toilets are more intuitive and modern to suit this busy and multitasking generation.

The Best Toilet Types In The Market

There are types of toilets that are budget-friendly or affordable, while some are more high-end and could be pricey than your regular toilet.

You can simplify the buying process by knowing exactly the specifications and functionalities you’re looking for in a toilet. Not all toilets are created equal. So, we’ll walk you through the different types of toilets that match your budget specifications and efficiency requirements.

Flushing Toilet

Also referred to as the “flush toilet,” this type is the regular kind of toilet that triggers a flush of water when you click or push a button. Most modern toilets in the world belong to this category.

There are different types of flushing toilets, which vary depending on design and performance, such as the Cyclone Flush, Tornado Flush, and G-Max Flush, to name some.

Also, there are gravity-feed types that allow a quiet flushing mechanism. This single-flush toilet is very simple to operate and is also the most popular option around. Just press on the flush valve to activate the delivery of water.

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One-Piece Toilet

As the name suggests, the one-piece toilet design is made of just one unit. In this case, the ceramic bowl is connected to the toilet tank. This also has a toilet seat. One advantage of having a one-piece toilet is that it’s very easy to install and maintain.

This is fairly more convenient to clean as well because the water tank is smaller, and there are no crevices in the middle for grime and mold to breed and gather into.

It takes up a more clean and minimalist look that a lot of homeowners prefer. It has a seamless silhouette that fits modern users.

This is also a winner in terms of reliability and hygienic properties. At the same time, it may be more expensive than the two-piece type because of its complicated and advanced engineering or design but is worth your investment.

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Two-Piece Toilet

This comes in two pieces—a toilet bowl and toilet tank—that make up one unit once assembled. These can be purchased as a set, or you can shop around for your kind of toilet bowl or tank to match your style and budget preferences. The toilet seat would usually be bought separately.

Now, the obvious strength of the two-piece design is that you can easily buy or replace parts when necessary. It’s also highly durable and can even last for years, depending on usage and upkeep.

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Wall Mounted Toilet

If you are looking for that luxe and urban feel to your bathroom, then the wall-mounted toilet type is for you. Also called “wall-hanging toilets,” this type is more commonly spotted in commercial or corporate settings. However, a lot of modern homes now have this because of their aesthetic and efficient properties.

The toilet bowl would typically be mounted on the wall together with the flush plate. So, basically, you’re looking at an elevated toilet bowl. The toilet tank is designed to be hidden behind the walls for a cleaner look.

It also appears as “tankless” with its stealth design. If you have a small bathroom space, then it is indeed the perfect choice for a toilet design.

It’s not your regular toilet and would be worth that upgrade you’re eyeing at. With the toilet tank hidden behind walls, it is much easier to clean and maintain than other toilet types but would require professional plumbing and installation.

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Portable Toilet

Also popularly called “portable restroom,” “porta-potty,” or “porta-john,” this toilet type can be easily transported or moved around. It moves with you, so it is a very practical addition to your camping tools.

Yes, this can be easily carried or packed when you travel or if you go camping or hiking. This is also popularly set up in public places during festivals.

It looks like a box that is very convenient and flexible to carry around. Also, it’s environmentally friendly because you won’t need to leave your mark everywhere when you have a portable toilet to take care of your needs even when you are in the mountains or fishing in boats.

Composting Toilet

This is a type of “dry toilet,” which simply means you wash away human waste without water. It makes use of aerobic decomposition or processes that help in the treatment of urine and fecal matter.

This type of toilet makes use of composting or bulking materials like wood chips to absorb the moisture accumulated in urine and feces.

With composting toilets, there is a separate route or tube wherein urine and feces pass through. This is to ensure that the urine would not interfere with the oxidation process of feces or solid materials.

Now, this is not a popular option because it could appear unhygienic or totally complicated for regular use. However, composting waste materials is said to be an eco-friendly alternative, especially in areas wherein the water supply is fairly unstable or unavailable.

Dual Flush Toilet

If you are looking for a cost-efficient toilet, then this type of toilet suits you best because it saves you on water expenses. You can easily spot a dual flush toilet because it has two buttons and two water holes. This is powered by the combined technologies of pressure-assisted and gravity-feed toilets.

It also has options to use any of the half-flush or full-flush functionalities when you empty the toilet. The half-flush is recommended for liquid waste or urine, while the full-flush can take care of solid waste.

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Upflush Toilet

In many ways than one, the upflush toilet is a lot like your standard toilet but with a plus factor. If you are looking to renovate your bathroom or to add an extra toilet with very limited floor space, then an upflush toilet can save the day.

It’s unique because, with its intuitive design, this toilet type can be installed in your bathroom or any place around your home easily and without needing any pipework.

Clearly, this is a brilliant way to add a toilet for visitors and even do the installation yourself. You can do a DIY with the upflush toilet because it allows a no-brainer installation as even newbies can do it.

Elongated Toilet

For that contemporary or classic look, an elongated toilet is a viable option for many homes. Elongated toilet types are oval in shape.

The extra space provided by elongated toilets is an obvious advantage for adults but not for kids. It is 2 inches longer than your typical round toilet bowl, and that extra length is an edge for many consumers.

It’s also space-savvy and can fit right into small spaces. The only disadvantage would be that there could be some mess left when flushing because of the extra slope.

Tankless Toilet

You would probably wonder how these toilet types work without the tank on. Well, the tankless toilet is linked right at the pipe with a built-in electric pump that triggers a flush.

Yes, it does not rely on a tank to clear up solid waste but is powered by the force of water that is generated from the pipelines. It generally has a wider piper because it needs more volume of water to trigger a powerful flush.

Most urinals in public restrooms would usually be tankless. This goes the same for many apartments, hotels, and even homes that feature top-of-the-line toilet models.

This is fast becoming a popular option for many people who are looking for a modern and mechanically powered toilet that is also simple and minimalist in design.

Square Toilet

If you are looking for a bold shape and shy away from the conventional bathroom design, then a square toilet would fit your interiors appropriately. Yes, it’s a unique design that would gravitate and show off your personality. It has a visually appealing exterior, but you would have difficulty buying replacement parts.

Also, it is comfortable to sit on and spacious, but some people might not feel at ease with its shape. The apparent advantage of having this toilet type at home is that it is very elegant and awe-inspiring in terms of aesthetics and functionality but may not fit traditional tastes.

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Corner Toilet

If you want to make use of every inch of your bathroom space, then the corner toilet is definitely a good choice. It can fit into any corner or even tight bathroom spaces.

Also referred to as “triangle toilet” because of its triangular-shaped water tank, the design type may be a bit peculiar or odd but can be squeezed into any space without much fuss.

It features a smart and compact design that provides an efficient flushing system which basically helps you save on your water consumption and expenses.

Being very easy to clean or hygienic, installation and maintenance are a breeze which is ideal for those who want to save and get more out of their toilets.

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Round Bowl Toilet

If you are looking for a basic toilet, then a round bowl toilet fits right into the picture. Round bowl toilets are mostly seen in traditional and smaller homes because their shape would normally take up less space than odd-shaped or elongated ones.

The round bowl toilet has a sleek design and low water consumption that would help you stack more on savings. It has a strong flush and also boasts easy upkeep. You would have zero mobility or ease-of-use issues because both adults and children would be comfortable using it.

Small Compact Toilets

Less is more. A lot of people would find haven in the smallest spaces, which works effectively with the addition of small compact toilets. Well, being small, it leaves a tiny footprint and can fit perfectly in small spaces.

This would fit right into your loo if you live in an RV, a small house, or an apartment. This is also a great toilet type for powder rooms.

While it may be small in size, this does not at all compromise your need for style, performance, and functionality. It is made compact but with durable engineering that ensures the unit’s longevity.

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Pressure-Assisted Toilet

This type of toilet is commonly used in commercial establishments. However, with its water-conservation benefits, a lot of households are now adapting to its use. This toilet type makes use of a secondary tank that can be found right on the main toilet tank. This helps allow more air pressure for powerful toilet flushing.

With this toilet type, most of the water stays in the toilet bowl. It keeps your toilet clean. You save up on cleaners while also keeping the environment scathe-free.

The winning feature of this toilet would be its powerful flushing mechanism. In this way, human waste is flushed at a faster rate, and it also avoids clogging. This is recommended for large families or for commercial use.

Gravity Toilet

Gravity works wonders on push or pull mechanisms. In the same way, most toilets are powered by gravity-flush systems. This means toilets flush down waste with mainly the use of gravity with no other mechanical system working.

So, the mechanism works when you press on the flushing handle with a chain that is linked to a lever in the tank, which then automatically opens up the flapper valve to trigger the flush of water.

Gravity flush toilets are very reliable and commonly used in many homes. With its simple and user-friendly design, repairs and replacements are very easy.

Touchless Flush Toilet

You would definitely want to have this type of toilet in your home. For one, it’s a conversational piece for visitors, and it’s also a plus factor in terms of aesthetics, performance, convenience, and efficiency. We have officially entered the future of toilets with the impeccable engineering and design of a touchless flush toilet.

This works pretty much like any standard toilet, but without you having to touch any button or handle to trigger a flushing action. The cool thing is that you can, in fact, transform your regular toilet into a touchless type.

Basically, the touchless type of toilet works with the use of a sensor or a “smart flushing system” that flushes when you stand up or when you hover your hand over the sensor. This is very hygienic because you have limited contact with the toilet and also provides you with a very relaxing and enjoyable bathroom experience.

Pull Chain Toilet

If you fancy the elegance and rustic charm of old-fashioned pull-chain toilets, then this is a must-have for your bathroom. Yes, nothing beats the classics, and when it comes to toilet types, the pull-chain toilet is reminiscent of the Victorian days.

Gravity powers up pull-chain toilets, which are triggered when you pull the chain. The valves would then open, and the water would flush to wash off the waste. This is clearly a winner for seniors or for a particular age bracket but may also captivate the younger generation with old souls.

Water-Saving Toilet

A sustainable and water-saving toilet can save you more gallons of water for every flush you make. This isn’t just an eco-friendly option but economical as well. The math is pretty simple with a water-saving toilet – you save thousands of gallons of water while increasing efficiency and beefing up your savings.

A water-saving toilet is ideal and timely at this time. This does an excellent job of cleaning up waste while also helping you save heaps on your water bill.

Comfort Height Toilet

Also dubbed as the “tall toilet” or “ADA toilet,” this type of toilet is said to be ADA-compliant or matches the specifications required according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The right height is said to be from 17 to 19 inches, which is a couple of inches taller than that of a standard toilet at 15 inches.

Having a comfortable height toilet is said to be recommended or ideal for use by seniors, taller individuals, or those with mobility problems. This type of toilet helps relieve joint pain because the height of the toilet is more conducive for resting your feet, and you won’t be too slouched when you sit.

Generally, this is said to be the most convenient and comfortable height for an average person, but this would really depend mainly on the person’s height and comfort level. Specifications for this toilet type may vary depending on the brand or model.

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Double-Cyclone Toilet

Similar to a powerful cyclone, this toilet type optimizes the power of both gravity and water to maximize the flushing action.

With two nozzles, the “double cyclone” toilet helps make efficient use of water for better flushing action. Its propulsion system works to easily direct water to the siphon for a clean flush.

The water would be pushed out from the two nozzles, which then create that circling motion or swirl that resembles a double cyclone. It is equipped with a water-saving feature because the amount of water used per flush would only be about 0.8 to 1.6 gallons.

Beyond being an eco-friendly option, its quiet flushing mechanism makes it stand out among the competition.

Waterless Toilet

Waterless toilets are said to be revolutionary and valuable to the environment. Beyond sustainability factors, this toilet type is also hygienic and requires minimal upkeep. Also called “waterless urinals” or “dry toilet,” the waterless toilet is user-friendly and doesn’t require a lot of cleaning.

It does not make use of a septic tank system and is most preferred in areas that have a scarce water supply. Fans, nozzles, and vent pipes are mostly used to create an ideal waterless toilet or composting toilet system.

Liquids are separated from solid waste and are kept for a fallow period of at least six months, which would then be recycled to fertilizer.

Flushometer Toilet

This toilet type can be spotted mainly in commercial or industrial settings. Flushometer valve toilets are commonly found in public places such as schools, commercial buildings, malls, and even airports. You can easily identify this because it has a toilet bowl and a flushometer valve.

These are efficient toilets that also help users save on water bills. Also, these would need certification to ensure that performance is at par with industry standards and has the ability to handle commercial waste.

Smart Toilet

This is one smart home device that you need to keep you more organized and comfortable while doing the deed. Smart toilets have built-in control panels and remote controls that help you navigate and control the device.

These toilets have superior LED lighting inside the toilet bowls that create a gregarious aesthetic display.

If you want to remodel your bathroom, then a smart toilet is the upgrade you’re looking for. Most smart toilets are touch-free and also feature an automated flush function.

Some of these may have voice assistants, a heated set, or music that provides you not just the best seat in the house but won’t shortchange you a bit in terms of comfort, convenience, and functionality.

Eco-Friendly Toilet

If sustainability is a priority, then eco-friendly toilets should be on top of your list. And if you happen to be a fan of saving, then this should be on your game plan.

Low flow, dual-flush, WaterSense, composting, waterless, or vault toilets are some examples of an eco-friendly toilet types because of the water-saving features that help with preserving the environment.

Eco-friendly toilets are also called bio-digester toilets because the idea is to produce zero waste and to recycle solid and liquid waste into fertilizer. Also, replacing your toilet lid with the use of a faucet and sink combo is a solid eco-friendly plan.

This helps reroute the clean water from the main pipeline through your faucet at home. So, when you push the button to flush your toilet, the clean water comes out of the faucet and then drains simultaneously through your sink and toilet bowl to clean up waste.

Urinal Toilet

Urinal toilets are common in public places or commercial settings like theaters, shopping malls, schools, and airports. These are commonly small and mounted into walls. A lot of urinals are made for men are fixated on walls and are designed for standing positions.

There are also urinals that are mounted on floors that could cater to women or are meant for squatting or sitting. Urinals designed for women are quite rare.

These are space-convenient because it has a simple structure with a button or a manual handle that you push into to trigger the flushing mechanism. There are also waterless urinals and those with a timed flush.

Moreover, it’s economical because it only consumes less water for every flush. Urinal toilets may come in different shapes, heights, and sizes, which would depend on the places where they’re installed. While most urinal toilets are found in public areas, there are now urinals installed in residential homes.

Expensive Toilet

Just how much are you willing to invest in a toilet? Well, toilets come in different price tags, and it would vary depending on the brand and also the materials and features you want. Expensive toilets are those that belong to high-end brands like Kohler and TOTO.

These toilets are expensive because of the smart technology that powers each unit. It does not just provide users with convenience, comfort, and efficiency but also the luxury experience of having a modern toilet that is fit for royalty.

A lot of the expensive types can be impractical because they can go as pricey as 60,000 dollars, and most people who buy these types are either celebrities or giant business tycoons.

These toilets are the luxe or vanity type, which may not be a necessity at all. Most expensive toilets are the touchless types and would also have top-tiered features to boot. You can also check out custom-designed toilets that are built according to the theme of your interior design.

Final Words

Different types of toilets appeal to diverse users. When shopping for a toilet, you should consider many factors such as toilet type, style, manufacturer or brand, design, flush type, efficiency rating, and materials.

You should also take note of the purpose of the toilet or whether it’s going to be for home or commercial use. Make sure to consider how many people would be using the toilet, your location, water resources, plumbing system, and sanitation mode preferred.

Look for a toilet that isn’t just visually appealing but also functional. It must have the basics of what you need in a standard toilet plus a couple of add-on features that would provide you the comfort, convenience, and performance that you want in a toilet at home.

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