Best Single Ply Toilet Paper in the Market

Single ply toilet papers are starting to rise to prevalence for their all-round comfort, zero plumbing issues, and environmental friendliness.

However, with multiple brands pushing productions of their own single plies from all ends, it can get overwhelming for a consumer to find a satisfactory product.

When looking for the best single ply toilet paper, a number of factors impact the overall quality of the product, as well as its effect on the plumbing system of your home.

In this article, we’ll be going through the 3 most consumer-approved single ply options, starting with the Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll, which we found as the best among all 3 products.

We’ll also answer some of your questions so that you know exactly what to look for the next time you shop for toiletries.

Our Top 3 Picks of the Best Single Ply Toilet Paper

Since toilet paper is a common household necessity, we’ve made sure to only include products at an affordable price without compromisingquality.

1. Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll Toilet Paper

Our first pick is the Scott 1000 sheets per roll, which has been praised time and time again for its excellent sustainability.

With it being single ply, this toilet paper provides the most comfortable and easy usability. Unlike most bath tissues, this one is not abrasive or drying, which as a result, does not damage the skin.

Most importantly, this product requires minimal water to break down and dissolves very quickly. This makes it perfect for use in an RV, camper, or boat. The rapid solubility prevents the paper from clogging drain pipes and causing plumbing issues.

2. Amazon Commercial – SOFI-089 Essentials 1-Ply Toilet Paper

Next up on our list is the AmazonCommercial SOFI-089, which is also septic safe and environmentally friendly.

This is a small step down from our previous pick, with only 500 sheets per roll instead of 1000, but it’s as gentle on the skin as the Scott option. The virgin fiber material of the tissue makes it completely irritation free, smooth, and soft.

Despite it being 1 ply, this toilet tissue is not flimsy like most single plied rolls. However, this does not affect its solubility. The SOFI-089 easily dissolves in minimal water and does not build up in pipes.

Because of its sustenance, easy usability, and irritation free material, the SOFI-089 is the best 1 ply toilet paper for almost any facility.

3. Charmin Essentials Strong 1-Ply Mega Roll Toilet Paper

Just like its name suggests, this toilet paper is much more durable than most bath essential brands, but it also prioritizes user comfort.

Compared to toilet rolls found in most households, this one is 3 times stronger, meaning it does not flake off despite it being single plied. Even with its durability, this product is not abrasive or harsh, in fact, it’s designed for maximum comfortability and is gentle on the skin for users of all ages.

Lastly, just like our previous picks, this Charmin bath tissue is anti-clog to keep your home’s drain pipes flowing freely. Due to this, it’s the safest bathroom necessity for every household.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is one ply toilet paper?

One ply toilet paper, or single plied paper, is simply when only one layer of material makes up a sheet of toilet paper. Similarly, 2-ply is made of 2 layers, and 3-ply is made of 3 layers.

Q. Why do people buy 1 ply toilet?

1 ply toilet paper has a number of benefits, mainly being comfortability, quick solubility, and no plumbing issues. Single ply toilet tissue is also great for people with skin that is sensitive to abrasion.

Q. What ply is good toilet paper?

Most consumers go for 3 ply for its cushion-like feel; however, most 3 plys can clog up drains. Single ply toilet paper is a good overall option to avoid this, as well as comfortable for users of all ages.

Q. 1-Ply vs. 2-Ply Toilet Paper: What is the difference?

1 ply means one layer of toilet paper in a sheet, whereas 2 ply means two layers of toilet paper.

Q. What is the softest 1 ply toilet paper?

From our list of the 3 most consumer-approved toilet paper options, the Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll is the softest.

Q. What brands of toilet paper are 1 ply?

Some of the most popular 1 ply toilet paper brands are: Charmin, Scott, Cottonelle, Boardwalk, and Windsoft.

Q. What toilet paper has the most ply?

The highest in ply count you can supposedly go is 5, an example being the Kleenex Cottonelle 5-ply Bathroom Tissue. A ply count of 5 can be hazardous, though, as they tend to clog drain pipes for their slow solubility.

You can also read our article on What Size Pipe is Best For Your Toilet Drain?

Q. Does single ply toilet paper save money?

Most single ply toilet paper rolls tend to be cheaper than double or triple ply, but this varies depending on the brand of the product as well as the material it is made of. Since single plys use less material, it can be argued that they cost less and therefore save more money.

Q. How do you use one ply toilet paper?

1 ply toilet tissue is used just like other kinds of toilet paper. There are perforated lines to tear along first, then it’s good to use.

Q. What is the softest toilet paper?

The softest toilet paper is the 3 ply Quilted Northern Ultra Plush. But, if you prefer comfort with sustainability, we recommend the Scott 1000 Sheets Per Roll.

Q. Is Charmin toilet paper 1 ply or 2 ply?

Charmin produces toilet paper in both 1 ply and 2 ply design. In our article, we went through the Charmin Strong 1 ply Mega roll.

Q. How many ply is Charmin toilet?

Charmin toilet tissues go up to 2 ply. However, there are many variations of the single and double ply designs.

Q. Does Charmin make one ply toilet paper?

Yes, Charmin does make one ply toilet paper. They also produce double ply toilet paper.

Q. Does Toilet Paper Expire?

Toilet paper does not have an expiration date as such, and it does not become harmful or unsafe to use after a certain amount of time. However, over time, toilet paper may lose its strength and become less effective at cleaning. For better understanding, we recommend you to read our in depth article on the same topic.

Final Words

To sum up, the best single ply toilet paper is one that provides the most user comfort, gentleness on sensitive skin, sustainability, and fast solubility for low drainage risks. However, it all comes down to which one you feel is best for your home and your usability.

If you still feel undecided, skim through our FAQ section to get a clearer idea of 1 ply toilet papers to know if they are worth a try.

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