Most Useful Rustic Over the Toilet Storage on the Market

Whether you have a small bathroom or you want to enrich your bathroom’s outlooks, toilet storage is the way to go. And if you are a fan of vintage looks, there’s nothing better than a rustic over the toilet storage.

Assuming you want nothing but the best for your bathroom, the VASAGLE COBADO will be the best rustic over the toilet storage. It has a rusty look, a sliding mechanism, and plenty of shelves.

Well, we aren’t finished, though. We have rounded up a list of the top 4 rustic over the toilet cabinet so that you can choose the most useful one.

Our Top 4 Picks of the Rustic Over the Toilet Storage

From fine rustic outlooks to strong and durable construction to stylish shelves, our top 4 picks of rustic bathroom shelves over toilet options have it all. Let’s dive into more details.

Best Overall
1. VASAGLE COBADO Over-the-Toilet Storage (Best Overall)

1. VASAGLE COBADO Over-the-Toilet Storage (Best Overall)

  • Multiple Use Options
  • Very Simple Assembly
  • Space Efficiency 
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2. VASAGLE ALINRU 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Rack

2. VASAGLE ALINRU 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Rack

  • Clear Instructions About Assemble Guide
  • Solid, Stable, and Secure Frame
  • Multi Purpose Shelf
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3. HOOBRO Toilet Storage Rack

3. HOOBRO Toilet Storage Rack

  • Reliable Construction
  • Open and Privacy
  • Industrial Vibe
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4. Ecoprsio Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet

4. Ecoprsio Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet

  • Sturdy Stable for Safe Use
  • Functional Storage Rack
  • Ample Storage Space
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1. VASAGLE COBADO Over-the-Toilet Storage (Best Overall)

The COBADO toilet storage aims to save your bathroom space by having a high height rather than having a big width. It has a 67-inch height and 25-inch width, significantly increasing your toilet space.

You get a total of 5 shelves. Two on the left, two on the right, and one on the bottom side. The bottom shelf is exposed, while the top four shelves have a sliding mechanism to conceal the items stored inside.

The racks or shelves are made of wood, while the stand is made of alloy steel. The stand is quite sturdy and lightweight, so you can easily move it around.

Lastly, the top four shelves are adjustable, which means you can play around with the height to accurately adjust it for your liking. It’s easily the best rustic over the toilet shelf.

Highlighted Features

  • Body is made with engineered wood
  • Stand is made with tough alloy steel
  • Comes with 5 shelves for easy storage
  • Smooth sliding mechanism for easy item access

2. VASAGLE ALINRU 3-Tier Over-The-Toilet Rack

Sibling to the first VASAGLE COBADO, how well does the ALINRU 3-tier toilet storage hold up? Let’s find out.

Unlike the COBADO, Alintu 3-tier storage has two color options; a rusty classic look and a polished white look. Both of these colors have the same specifications.

As the name says, this toilet storage has three racks or shelves. Each rack has raised edges so that your toiletries do not fall off the edges. Also, a reminder: it does not have any cabinets.

The stand is made of premium heavy-duty aluminum steel. Although it feels very durable, it’s not heavy. It also has feet that can be adjusted to match the height of your toilet.

Assembly is straightforward as well. Everything you need to follow is on the instruction, so there is no need to call professionals.

Highlighted Features

  • 65-inch aluminum steel stands with adjustable feet
  • 3 racks with raised edges to keep your items safe
  • Comes in two color options: rusty brown and shiny white
  • Very easy to assemble and install

3. HOOBRO Toilet Storage Rack

Want your bathroom to look unique and save space at the same time? Get the HOOBRO rustic bathroom cabinet over toilet. Why? Let’s find out.

For the first time, HOOBRO has implemented louver window style into their cabinets. Because of this, you can slightly see what’s inside the cabinet without even opening it. It also protects your items.

Inside the cabinet, you get two 9.8 inch height and 23-inch width shelves. You can also divide these two shelves into four if you want. The cabinet is held by a magnet which ensures easy opening and closing.

There’s another shelf on the bottom side, but it does not have any raised edges, so if you keep items too close to the edge, they could fall.

Lastly, the stand is made of heavy-duty steel (as expected). It has 4 adjustable feet, and those feet have anti-tipping kits. All of these ensure secure usage.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with louver window-style cabinets with two shelves
  • 3 shelves which can be divided into 5 shelves
  • Heavy-duty metal stands with anti-tipping kits
  • Designed with a convenient height

4. Ecoprsio Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet

The Ecoprsio rustic above toilet cabinet looks and feels similar to the HOOBRO storage cabinet. But, is there any difference? Is it better? Let’s investigate.

This rustic over the toilet storage cabinet has a total of 3 shelves. Only the upper 2 shelves have cabinets, though. Those cabinets have a nice smooth handle for easy opening and closing.

Unlike the HOOBRO cabinet, the bottom shelf of this cabinet has walls around it. These walls will prevent your toiletries from falling off the edge. You also get two hang hooks on the sides to hang plants or towels.

The stand is made of metal. It has anti-falling locks to prevent the shelves from collapsing. It also has adjustable legs for you to adjust the height of the stand.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with three shelves and a 2-door cabinet
  • Bottom shelf has walls to keep your items safe
  • Metal stand with anti-falling lock and height adjustability
  • Available in 3 different colors to choose from

What to Look Before Choosing Rustic Over the Toilet Storage?

Here are the important things you should consider before choosing a rustic over the toilet storage:

Stand Quality

Everything depends on the stand’s construction. This is why you should get an aluminum alloy steel stand. These are durable yet lightweight, so you can easily assemble them. Normal metal is also good.

Adjustable Legs

Having adjustable legs on your stand will help you balance the whole toilet storage if you have an uneven floor. It can also come in handy to generally raise the height of your storage.

Cabinet or Sliding Mechanism

The cabinet and sliding mechanism both work flawlessly to keep your toiletries safe and protected. We would suggest at least having one of these two. Don’t keep the items exposed.

Overall, what is the best over the toilet storage in the market?

If you looking for rusty storage, the VASAGLE COBADO would be the best in the market now. Also, you can check our details guide on best over the toilet storage that includes latest products, buying guide, and FAQ.

Final Words

Don’t like how all of your toiletries are un-organized? Want to save space for storing those toiletries? All these questions and the only answer you need is rustic over the toilet storage.

Our top 4 picks will surely accomplish these things and more. So, what’s stopping you from getting vintage rustic storage?

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