What Are Best Toilet Brands In The Market?

A lot of people would like to quickly go for a standard toilet to eliminate the guesswork. Well, that’s easier said than done. Shopping for the best toilet brands can be daunting and confusing, especially with the many options around.

You might think a standard toilet is enough, but other toilet brands may offer out-of-the-box and modern features that actually work for your pressing needs.

The unconventional toilet types may actually be a more interesting buy, but there are tons of factors to consider before you seal the deal. Remember that a huge price tag is not synonymous with better quality because you can always get that from more affordable brands.

Top ​Toilet Brands You Can Trust In The Market

If you are looking for a high-performance brand that is reliable, durable, and also water-saving, this guide will help you round up the top toilet brands so you can pick the perfect toilet for your home.

American Standard

This brand has literally and figuratively been the benchmark of top-of-the-line toilet brands in the United States and the rest of the world. Well, its longevity in the business speaks volumes of its staying power. American Standard has been around for over 140 years since it started in 1929 and is a trusted name in the toilet industry.

American Standard is popularly known for its top-performing, innovative, and highly efficient toilet types and design that is made to last for years and decades to come.

Many users are looking for versatility in designs, as well as features which make this a go-to brand. It offers simple or basic designs, along with the more modern and fully-automated ones to fit every preference or taste.

American Standard has one- and two-piece designs that are energy-efficient, water-saving, and also eco-friendly. They also have a self-cleaning feature that is hygienic and provide users the convenience of not having to spend more time in cleaning toilets.

You can also choose from a variety of toilet designs that fit modern users and those who find comfort in the more traditional or basic models.

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If you want a fusion of elegance and modern toilets, then TOTO is the brand to go for. It’s one of the best and most popular toilet brands in the market. They are dominant mainly because of their top-tiered or high-end toilet models that are built with stunning features.

Their lineup of toilets is known for its practical, stylish, and functional designs. If you are looking for a cosmopolitan type of toilet, then this is the brand that can provide you exactly that.

Innovation makes TOTO a top-caliber brand that is known for its innovative flair that provides modern users with the technology they need in their bathrooms.

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This brand has a solid reputation for over 100 years. Its longevity speaks volumes of how an industry leader provides top-of-the-line solutions to toilet needs. They have been in the front row for many years because of their intelligent and highly captivating designs.

Also, they focus mainly on providing the clients high-efficiency, high-performing, and water-saving toilets that are meant to last for a long time.

Basically, Kohler is determined to move the needle further when it comes to efficiency, power, and durability. Self-cleaning toilets are also available at Kohler for busy individuals who would have no time to spare for cleaning toilets.

Kohler toilet designs suit spacious and modern homes as well as those who have limited floor space.

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Saniflo toilets are popular worldwide for their SFA technology. They are able to bring advanced technology right into your bathrooms.

The Saniflo toilet system fits people who prioritize comfort, convenience, durability, and functionality. They are popular for their “upflush toilets” that are ideal for both home and commercial use.


Duravit toilets are known for their unique and intuitive design in toilets. They are also popular for their “washout technology,” which you can see in their innovative toilet styles in the market.

They offer wall-mounted, rimless, and floor-standing toilets that are not your conventional types but can really be a huge space-saver for your home. They also have this technology called “WonderGliss” coating, which helps keep your toilets dirt-free and easy to clean.

Niagara Conservation

The company has been around since 1977 and is known for its green or eco-friendly and water-saving toilet designs. Aside from toilets, the company also manufactures different bathroom fixtures and products so it can provide your bathroom that streamlined look.

Niagara has been a popular name ever since it produced its Stealth toilet and the Flapperless toilet way back in 2009. These toilets are known to be water-efficient.

Delta Faucet

If you are shopping on a budget, then Delta is your best option in the market. They are coined to be the best toilet manufacturer around when it comes to budget-friendly and innovative products, which are a good combination. Their toilet seat Night Light has been raking a lot of positive reviews among consumers.


Their toilet line is quite limited but is one of the best in the industry today. If you are looking for a stylish, high-performance, and ADA-compliant toilet, then this would be perfect for your needs. Innovation and style are two of the strongest point of this brand.


This is a sister company of Kohler and has been around since 1907. It’s one of the high-quality and reliable brand names out there when it comes to producing top-caliber toilets. Kohler and Sterling have a lot of similarities, but Sterling provides more options and also caters to those who have limited or restricted budgets.


This may be one of the youngest brands out there but is also slowly gaining popularity because of its high-efficiency, high-performing, and high-end toilet line. They also manufacture kitchen and other bathroom products that all come with a warranty.

Moreover, they offer many toilet options to choose from and provide unique and elegant designs to match those who are looking for a contemporary or outlandish vibe in their bathrooms.


Having been around since 1932, Gerber is an award-winning brand that is known for its ergonomically-friendly toilet styles and designs. They are also popular for their powerful flush technology, which is also water-saving and energy-efficient.

It’s one of the best brands out there that won’t fall below your expectations but allows you to save on every flush.


Eago designs are sleek and ultra-stylish, which fits modern users today. Aesthetics is an important part of their core plus with its built-in functionality. It’s one of the new brands which have been introduced in the scene in 2002.

They’re highly applauded for their excellent customer service as well as eco-friendly and cutting-edge technology in toilet designs.


This brand is all about form and function. They have a toilet designed for your kind of lifestyle. Aesthetics has always been subjective, and each product from Cotto appeals to customers because of their human-centric architectural design.

Also, the company is popular for its Triplex Flush technology with the unconventional and stylish matte black toilet design that sets your bathroom apart from other standard styles. Furthermore, they have an automatic noiseless flushing system, which is also water-efficient at the same time.

The Best Toilet Brands?

Your toilet goes beyond the basics when you opt for the best toilet brands on our list. With the help of this guide, you can weigh your options and come up with a well-informed decision on the perfect toilet that will seamlessly match and enhance your bathroom’s overall theme.

After all, you’re not looking for just an ordinary toilet, but one that puts value on aesthetics, functionality, performance, and durability.

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