What Problems Can Create Running Toilet (Complete List)

When a toilet runs, many people don’t take it as a serious problem. But, the problem you’re thinking about can cause you a lot of trouble. Your money bag weight may decrease significantly if you don’t call a toilet expert as soon as possible to fix the problem.

You may now be seriously thinking – can a running toilet cause problems, really? Of course, they can. All are possible, from wasting gallons of water to breaking down your water system, if running toilet problems continue.

Here I’ll discuss what problems you may face when your toilet runs randomly. So, tag along with me to know more about the problems.

First, How to Know If Toilet is Running?

Are you hearing the sound of water flushing from your toilet? Wait, you are not flushing the toilet now. Then why does the toilet randomly run for a few seconds? It can happen due to your toilet running problem.

So, hearing the continuous annoying sound of water flushing is one of the first ways to know about your toilet problems. But, to be sure, you can experiment with a few drops of food coloring ingredients.

Simply mix the food color with existing toilet tank water. If you see in a while that colored water is flushing into the toilet tank, then be sure that you’re in trouble.

Can a Running Toilet Cause Problems?

Yes, a running toilet can cause problems. Dealing with a running toilet problem is both annoying and expensive. Dude, what do you think?

To stop that continuous sound of water, plumber costs you hundreds of dollars? No, the active and passive problems are bigger than our normal view.

Running toilet can cause problems like high water and electricity bills, structural damage, discoloration, unusual mold growth, and more.

List of Running Toilet Problems

Running Toilet ProblemsYES / NO
Running Toilet Cause High Water Bill?Yes
Running Toilet Cause High Electricity Bill?Yes
Running Toilet Cause Flood?Yes
Running Toilet Cause Mold?Yes
Running Toilet Do Damage?Yes
Running Toilet Cause Septic Problems?Yes
Running Toilet Make Annoying Noise?Yes
Running Toilet Create Health Hazard Problems?Yes

Can a Running Toilet Cause High Water Bill?

If your toilet runs randomly or continuously, unused water will be flushed through the toilet tank. A continuous running toilet can lose 22 gallons every hour. 22 gallons!!

Can you imagine? A family can live a full day with 22 gallons of water. Wasting this high amount of water increases your water bill.

Why do you pay an extra bill when you’re not using water purposefully? The water board won’t hear this excuse.

They’ll continuously add an extra water bill to your account if you don’t fix the running toilet. The way the water bill increases, this extra fine money will not be a small amount to pay.

Whether today or tomorrow, you have to fix your toilet. Then why not today? Your toilet will be fixed up, and you’ll also save yourself from the extra charge for water.

Can a Running Toilet Cause High Electricity Bill?

As water is wasted in a huge amount, you need to turn on your hydraulic motor to pump water for your usual daily use. This causes high electricity bills.

Can a Running Toilet Cause Flood?

In case of running toilets, continuous water seeps into the bathroom floor. This can flood away your full bathroom with running toilet water. This makes the toilet slippery, which can cause serious accidents like falling in the toilet.

Running toilet water will damage the structural support beneath and weaken the structures around your toilet over time. The excess water in the floor leads to unsafe conditions on the bathroom floor.

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Can a Running Toilet Cause Mold?

Where moisture and humidity are high, there is a great probability of growing mold. You may notice growing mold if your toilet has some leakage.

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Can a Running Toilet Do Damage?

Running toilets can lead to pipe leakage. And, leakage from your pipe network will cause standing water on the bathroom floor all the time.

It’ll cause stain, dampness, and discoloration around the base of the toilet. Who wants to see their beautiful bathroom tile with ugly discoloration? No one, right?

Can a Running Toilet Cause Septic Problems?

If your flush weakens, your toilet can’t fill properly. This can cause septic line problems. Running toilets or leakage can block up bathroom pipe networks with waste.

This can cause you a costly repair as the drainage system may be flooded with water due to the damaged pipes. 

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Can a Running Toilet Make Annoying Noise?

A continuous flushing sound isn’t pleasant to listen to. The random sound distracts the mood too often, and spending time jiggling the hand hoping for a little silence can’t be the way of spending our precious time. 

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Can a Running Toilet Create Health Hazard Problems?

You and your family may both face health troubles if your toilet is experiencing leakage or blockage.

Because you know, bathroom molds don’t have any good side. In the running toilets, the leakage can create moist areas all over your bathroom places and near the bathroom.

This moist area helps mold and mildew grow quickly and freely. These molds can cause respiratory health problems. 

Final Words

From annoyance to health hazards, a running toilet can cause numerous problems. Already from this guide, you know about the problems. These problems may seem minor to you initially, but in reality, they’re not.

So, it is advisable to fix these running toilet problems as soon as you find out. If you call a toilet expert initially, they’ll help you sort out all your problems at a low cost. So, always try to mitigate these problems as soon as possible.

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