How Do You Stop a Flapperless Toilet from Running?

Toilets are one of the basic, most important amenities at any residential or commercial property. There are many kinds of toilets to choose from. They come in different styles, sizes, shapes, functionalities, and technologies.

Flapperless toilets are the new trend nowadays. They’re new and unconventional, causing many questions to arise. You might be one of them asking, how do you stop a Flapperless toilet from running?

It’s a common issue users face when the toilet runs randomly. Well, no worries, as I’ll discuss how you can stop a flapperless toilet running pretty easily.

What Is a Flapperless Toilet?

First things first, what is a flapperless toilet? As the name indicates, they are toilets without “flappers.”

A flapper is a device inside the toilet tank made of rubber. Its purpose is basically to control the water flow out of the tank when you press the flush on your toilet.

This flapper aids the flushing mechanism by opening and closing to let the water pass through. If this part wears off over time due to detergents and other cleaning agents, it will cause leaking.

The flapperless toilet flushing system uses gravity-enabled flushing. So, the water tumbler overturns as you push the flush, and water seeps in from the pipe outlet for flushing.

Also, in the case of flapperless toilets, you don’t have the rubber-made flapper. So, you don’t have to worry about that getting deteriorated or damaged.

How Does a Flapperless Toilet Work?

The mechanism of a flapperless toilet system is based on the principles of gravity. When you push on the lever or flush, the tumbler inside the toilet tank flips water flow through the flush basin. Once the water flows out, it overturns automatically, and the tank gets filled up again for further use.

Flapper or no flapper, you may sometimes wonder – why does my toilet run randomly? No matter what style, type, or brand of amenities you use in your bathroom, this is a common problem for all.

How Do You Stop a Flapperless Toilet from Running?

If your toilet randomly runs for a few seconds and you’re questioning, why does my toilet randomly run? How do I stop it from running?

Follow these few steps to prevent your flapperless toiler from running.

Step 1 – Clean or Replace the Fill Valve

Leaking or constant running of water is generally caused by debris lodged in the valve cap. The dirt prevents the water from turning off. A fill valve allows the tank and bowl to fill with water after the toilet is flushed.

Please turn off the water supply line, turn it on, and then look inside the toilet tank. Identify if the water level inside the tank is rising high to cause water to overflow. If this is the case, you can clean the fill valve and check the water level again.

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Turn off the water supply and flush to empty the tank. Now, open the float cup and run it under water to clean. Check inside to ensure no debris is left inside the valve. Reattach the valve, turn on the water and flush to check if the problem is solved.

If flushing the debris did not work, you may have to replace the fill valve. Note that the part number of a fill valve varies based on the toilet model number. So, check the toilet model number and get a fill valve from a plumbing store.

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Step 2 – Regulate the Lever Chain

Then, regulate the trip lever chain inside the tank for proper slack. The chain needs to have roughly 1 or 2 links of slack. Also, you need to ensure the excess chain of the lever does not get caught there. If needed, you can remove the excess chain.

Step 3 – Adjust the Water Level

To prevent water from overfilling the tank and running into the flush valve, adjust the tank water level.

How Much Water Is Wasted with a Running Toilet?

A running toilet may be wasting a lot of water. Based on the water pressure at your house, a running toilet can leak more than a gallon of water each hour. This is nearly one unit of water every month.

If you don’t stop a toilet running, it can waste almost 13 units of water in a year. That is a huge wastage of water. So, you must regularly check your toilet and prevent it from running.

Also, a running toilet can create more problems including – high water bill, mold, septic problems, and many more.

Are Flapperless Toilets Good?

Yes. There are certain benefits of using a flapperless toilet over a conventional toilet. Some of them are –

Low Maintenance

Flapperless toilets are comparatively low maintenance. Compared with the maintenance cost of a traditional toilet system, the cost is significantly lesser in the case of a flapperless toilet. This ensures cost savings.

Less Leakage

Flappers inside a toilet are made of rubber that can be damaged over time due to chemical imbalances.

Since no flapper is involved in the toilet system, it is not possible to wear it off. This factor also ensures you have fewer leakage problems with the flush system and get a continuous flow of water.

Saves Water

The flapperless toilet mechanism is environmentally friendly as well. Also, the system is designed in such a manner to not waste much water while flushing. The flushing system helps you get rid of the waste in one flush only.

This means you do not have to flush more than once and waste more water, ensuring less water wastage and more conservation.

Who Makes Flapperless Toilets?

Niagara Toilets EcoLogic designs and manufactures flapperless toilets. Their toilets feature innovative tip-bucket technology, creating a high-performance flush.

The 360˚ water flow fills the bowl faster as there is no blockage from the flapper. They use highly durable plastic to eliminate unwanted leakage and lower the hassle of regular maintenance. One flush can empty the bowl, which aids in 63% water saving as multiple flushing is not needed.

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Final Words

As you have come this far, I hope this answers all your queries about how do you stop a Flapperless toilet from running?

Running toilets is a common issue worldwide, but it has simple solutions. I have mentioned a simple process of stopping your toilet from running.

However, if you can’t stop your flapperless toilet running, you can always call a plumber to help you resolve the issue.

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