Can a Running Toilet Cause a Leak?

As every coin has two sides, a running toilet can also be a total catastrophe in your life. You might think, well, a little leak won’t harm that much but trust me dear, it’s bigger than you think. In my life-long experience working in this industry, I have even seen people paying $300-500 water bills for it.

So, are you wondering, can a running toilet cause a leak? Let me be honest with you; a running toilet can cause bigger damage than just leaking. In some cases, can even damage your home structure.

Wondering how? Let’s find out.

How Can a Running Toilet Cause Leak?

One fine morning you wake up, go to your toilet, and after doing your thing, when you press the flush button as expected, the normal cycle of flush runs. But after a while, you notice the toilet just keeps running. So, you try jiggling the flush valve, and nothing happens. What witchcraft is this?

Calm down. No matter how many things you try, it won’t do any good unless you find where the problem is.

You know there’s a saying, to fix a problem, first of all, you need to know where the problem is.” So, the first step is to identify the reason, and after that, you can try out the solutions step-by-step.

I know, now you are more curious to know, how can a running toilet cause leak? Let’s take a look at the most probable cause behind the issue:

1. Excessive Water in the Tank

I have fixed thousands of toilets so far with leaking issues, and one of the most common reasons I usually find is an overflowed water tank. When the water tank gets overflowed with water, it starts to leak water into the bowl through the overflow tube. And that’s how you get a running toilet.

2. Old Flapper

An old flapper is a matter of big concern behind a running toilet. Once the flapper in your toilet becomes old, it loses the ability to seal properly, and that’s when water starts to run constantly from your toilet tanks to the bowl.

If you notice your toilet randomly runs off and on for a few seconds, that might be an indication of a broken flapper. Well, the big mystery is revealed. Now, go change it fast before the running toilet floats your home into the canal.

3. Wrongly Positioned Refill Tube

The refill is what pumps water into the bowl. But it starts to go wrong when you fail to position it properly in the toilet’s overflow tube.

It can also happen when the tube is longer than necessary. In such a situation, the refill tube keeps pumping water into the toilet’s bowl, and at a point, it just gets flooded with water.

4. Outdated Toilet

Nothing lasts forever, right? Neither your toilet. The toilet in your home is one of the most frequently used things.

How long it will last depends on the quality of its build materials, how long it’s been used, and maintenance. The ideal one can last for a lifetime. On the other hand, the bad one may need to be replaced even once a year.

Over time, toilets lose their shine and finish. In fact, they start to get cracks as well. This is also a common reason behind a running toilet.

Especially, the repeated slamming of the seat down on your commode will lead to cracks on the porcelain, and that will surely cause leaks.

What Can Happen If Your Toilet Keeps Running?

If you get to hear your toilet randomly running or notice even a minor leaking, you should not ignore it at all. A loose toilet can cause a leak, and even a small leak can cost you a $500 repair bill. How is that?

Well, if the water leaks out of your toilet’s tank or bowl, it can also damage your house. You might even end up with water leaking directly on your floor when there’s a crack in the tank or bowl.

And that’s going to damage your carpet, hardwood, tiles, and other objects connected to them. I hope you can guess the repair cost of all these.

You may not even notice any leaking in some cases, but such a small leak can bring heavy damage to your toilet and home. So, always keep a close eye and if you notice even a small leak, take care of it immediately.

When Should You Call an Expert?

If any heavy damage or leak in the flushing system, gasket, base, bowl, pipes, or the interior of your toilet appears in your eyes, reach out to a plumbing professional as soon as possible.

Don’t try to fix a problem that you can’t understand. You might even make it worse and end up doubling the repair cost. So, it’s best to call an expert who knows how to deal with it.

Is a Running Toilet Considered a Leak?

Yes, of course. A running toilet is a big sign of leaking. It wastes your water and costs a heavy water bill. Therefore, you should deal with it immediately.

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Can a Leaking Toilet Make You Sick?

Truth be told, yes. The sewer gas from a leaking toilet can make you sick. So, if you ever notice any odd smell coming out of your toilet, you should take it seriously and find out the issue.

Can a Toilet Leak Without You Knowing?

Sometimes your toilet can have a hidden leak even when you don’t see any visible signs.

Final Verdict

Look, most of the problems we face in our life can be avoided if we deal with them as soon as we notice any signs.

If you notice even a little sign of leakage in your toilet, instead of just thinking why does my toilet randomly run or ignoring thinking it’s nothing, you should take care of it before it gets worse.

So, the answer to your question, “can a running toilet cause leak?” Yes, it will not only cause just a leak but lead you to much more damages. So, deal with it when you can.

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