One Piece vs Two Piece Toilet: Which One is Best For You?

In this style-concerned world, people prioritize stylish things. I still remember those days when I used to be fascinated by seeing different types of toilets. Do you want to know the toilet types and which type is best?

Well, there are numerous types of toilets in the market. But ‘one piece’ and ‘two piece’ toilets are two of them. If you are eager to know about ‘one piece vs two piece toilet,’ keep your eye on this article.

Basic Information About Toilet

There are three fundamental parts of a toilet. So, let’s go through those parts.

  • Bowl

It collects waste and creates a way to reach your septic tank or regional sewer system.

  • Tank

The heart of your toilet is its tank. When flushed, a water storage tank releases the water pressure required to empty the toilet bowl.

  • Pedestal

Your toilet is supported and raised above the ground by a pedestal, which serves as its base. Almost every toilet that has been westernized has pedestals.

Now it is the time to know about ‘two piece vs one piece toilet.

  • One-Piece Toilet

That toilet is called a one-piece toilet when the tank and the bowl are joined together without any joints. It is also referred to as a single-piece toilet.

  • Two-Piece Toilet

The tank and the bowl of the two-piece toilets are distinct. Fittings are used to connect the two parts. It is also referred to as a coupled toilet.

Differences Between a One-Piece and Two-Piece Toilet

It is not difficult to purchase a new toilet. So, to help in making the best decision, one piece vs two piece toilets difference is given below:

  • Appearance

In case of appearance, the one-piece has a sleek, contemporary feel as the pieces that join the bowl and tank on toilets are seamless. On the other hand, because the tank and bowl are separate, two-piece toilets have a more traditional appearance.

  • Price

Price will always be taken into consideration when you buy something. Due to production challenges, the cost of manufacturing a one-piece toilet is significantly higher than that of a two-piece toilet.

  • Shipping Cost

Shipping cost is another essential component. One-piece toilets are more expensive to ship since they weigh more and are harder to move. And because the tank and bowl of two-piece toilets can be sent separately, they are less expensive to ship.

  • Durability

In case of durability, a one-piece toilet is more durable because the one-piece toilet has no joining pieces to maintain, and you can maintain a one-piece toilet. On the contrary, two-piece toilets are marginally less durable due to the possibility of the connection between the tank and bowl cracking.

  • Functionality

The toilets’ functionality depends on the toilet’s flushing system and construction. Therefore, the one-piece and two-piece toilets in this comparison are tied to points.

  • Installation

Installation of a two-piece toilet requires a little more time because the tank and bowl must be connected. On the other hand, installing a one-piece toilet often requires more strength to properly position because of its weight.

  • Size Difference

If you want to know about toilet bowl one-piece vs two-piece, you need to consider the sizes of one-piece and two-piece toilets. They are both essentially the same when compared to the size of the toilet bowl.

However, the toilet tank of one-piece toilets is compact and lower in height; thus, it looks smaller. On the other hand, in the case of two piece toilet, the tank needs additional support, which requires more space and construction.

  • Weight

The weight of the two-piece toilets is 25 kg. And compared to two-piece toilets, a standard one-piece toilet’s weight is roughly 40 kg.

  • Flushing Power And Efficiency

Several environmentally friendly and water-saving flushing options exist for both one-piece and two-piece toilets. These toilet styles offer various flushing options, including Gravity Flush, Double Cyclone and E-Max.

  • Resale Value

The resale value is unaffected by the toilet design. However, one-piece toilets are less likely to leak, which might be a bonus when trying to sell the toilet.

  • Cleaning And Maintaining

The one-piece toilet is straightforward to clean and maintain since there is no gap and harsh corners between the bowl and tank. On the contrary, the two-piece toilets’ joints and difficult-to-reach areas will make cleaning them difficult.

Pros And Cons of One Piece Vs Two Piece Toilet

The pros and cons of one piece vs two piece toilet are as follows:

Pros of One-piece Toilet

  • More resilient
  • Easier to maintain


  • Greater expense
  • Heavier

Pros of Two-piece Toilet

  • More affordable
  • More choices for style and height.


  • More difficult installation
  • More likely to leak

Is A One-Piece Toilet Better Than A two-piece?

If I put it, a one-piece toilet is better than a two-piece toilet. It is because a one-piece toilet is compact and looks small as the tank and the bowl is joined together. And you can clean and maintain a one-piece toilet very quickly because there are no difficult-to-reach areas.

Which Is Better Toilet: Round Or Elongated?

The ideal toilet for your home will mostly rely on your particular preferences, while some who are disabled may like elongated models. A round toilet is an option if space is at a premium because it takes less space in a small bathroom. However, an elongated toilet would be better because getting a comfortable toilet is more important than anything else.

Are Dual Flush Toilets Harder To Fix?

Yes, fixing a dual-flush toilet by yourself is harder because dual-flush models are constructed differently than the typical American single-flush toilet, which could make replacements more challenging. Moreover, finding the correct parts for a dual-flush toilet could be challenging if you ever need to replace it.

What Is Chair Height Vs Comfort Height Toilets?

Chair height toilets and Comfort Height toilets are two different names for the same thing. Traditionally, 17 inches tall toilets are called “Chair Height.”

But the phrase “Comfort Height” toilet is brand-specific. Although both are similar, the only distinction is that “Comfort Height” is a Kohler toilet, and depending on the model, it is 17 inches or more.

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Which One Should I Pick?

The one-piece and two-piece toilets are not significantly different from one another. However, because of their all-in-one design and wall mounting advantages, I would say one-piece toilets are the best and most comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I Install A Two-piece Toilet in Place of A One-piece Toilet?

Yes, you can because a one-piece toilet’s base is identical to a two-piece toilet’s base. Just ensure that the distance between the drainpipe’s center and the toilet’s back wall is the same.

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  • When A One-piece Toilet Seat Cracks, Do I Need to Change The Entire Toilet?

No. As a separate component, you can replace the seat. But you must replace the entire toilet if the ceramic or porcelain is harmed.

  • Which Toilet Height Is Ideal?

Standard-height rims 14 to 15 inches off the ground should be adequate for shorter people. And if you are taller, go for a toilet seat height of 17 inches.

  • Which Toilet Is The Simplest to Clean?

Due to the perfect integration of the tank and bowl, one-piece toilets are exceptionally simple to clean.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I want to say that you need to be careful while buying a toilet because if you do not buy a toilet because of its high price, you will not get the high quality of it. However, if you are worried about a one-piece vs two-piece toilet, which is the best?

Then, I would say that one-piece toilets would be best for you if you are a thinker of your comfort and not the cost. In addition, you can go through the article to get a better knowledge regarding one-piece and two-piece toilets.

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