10 Features To Avoid When Buying A New Toilet

We generally pay no thought when buying a toilet; in our head, it seems like such a simple, straightforward task to do. Head to the nearby Home supplies stores, select the toilet that looks appealing or is even on sale, and purchases it, waiting for the delivery.

Only after installing it, we find the flaws that a toilet can have, but it’s too late as the shop won’t definitely take refunds after using the toilet!

Rather, here I am going to focus on 10 features to avoid when buying a new toilet that would help you in enjoy your time in the washroom in the long run.

1. Noisy Pressure Flushers

New pressure-assisted toilets are definitely the way to go; they are modern, use water efficiently, and keep the bowls clean without any form of clogs. However, just one downside is that they might be very noisy!

If you don’t want to end up with a toilet that sounds incredibly loud, you could skip it, but technological advancements are eventually leading to a noise control solution. It is always best to get a well-pressured flusher for convenience!

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2. Hard to Find Replacement Parts

Unique toilets, whilst looking very appealing, can have a big problem. In terms of any sort of replacement, the parts can be hard to come by.

That’s why the best toilets to buy are the ones where replacement parts are standard and do not cost a lot. Because with usage, something will require changing. You will not want to wait on parts to come from other countries, which can even take months!

3. Banging Lids

One thing I know I don’t like is the sound of a slamming toilet lid when closing; it can sound aggressive and might even wake people up at night. Go for the models with a lid that slowly closes when the lid is dropped.

It will spare you a few quarrels in the future. The best part is that some of those lids are even removable for better cleaning, and people would actually appreciate the slow-dropping lid after using the toilet.

4. Colored Toilets Except for White

Different color toilets might catch your eye in the store, and you would start imagining them being in your washroom right away. One thing that you fail to account for is how it would look if the color faded away in the long run.

It would start to look awful and discolored toilets might even make it harder for you to sell your home in the future if you plan on it. Therefore, it is always best to buy the regular white or Bisque color,  and you can’t go wrong with classic colors.

5. Larger Toilet Bowls

The fancy-looking toilets might have a larger bowl compared to a standard round size. Rather than suddenly switching the toilet shape, it is best to measure the size of the bowl with the toilet you are replacing in case of any form of size problems you might face in the toilet.

Elongated bowls can even take up to 2 inches of space in the bathroom and potentially cause problems adjusting to other cabinets already existing in the washroom. Plus, larger toilet bowls do not benefit in any sort other than looks.

6. Eye Catching Toilet Seats

Colorful, eye-catching seats might be to your taste, but for another person, they might not be as appealing. Neither it benefits the toilet by any means necessary, nor does the color retain for long after usage.

It would only cost extra, which you can use to get something better. Getting regular toilet seats would complement your toilet no matter what color the walls might be.

7. Seats too high

Starting with seating height is very important when purchasing a new toilet. The standard height of 15 inches of a regular toilet might be the way to go as the new toilets, as claimed ‘right-height’ is 17 to 19 inches, might not be comfortable for everyone who uses it.

Rather than just going with the latest, it is always best to check for yourself and sit on the model to see if it fits you and your family before considering the purchase.

8. Very Inexpensive

Even though cheap toilets are available and you might be inclined to buy one at that price, you have to keep in mind that you will be using this toilet for years to come.

Buying something cheap with subpar parts and workmanship with weak flushing capability can cause you problems down the line with replacement parts and extra costs.

Get a proper standard toilet; even if it extends to the higher end of your budget, it will definitely be a good investment.

9. Large Water Tanks

Have you seen toilets with a big water tank that looks awful in the washroom, plus the wastewater more than necessary?

It is always best to go for a water-conserving toilet tank with a low flow; they make less sound and use the appropriate amount of water required; plus, you will be saving water in the long run, making it better for both you and the environment!

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10. Hard to clean

Some newer Multi-part toilets can be a straight hassle to clean. All the separate pieces of the toilet can be too much work; if you do not want this to happen, go for the one-piece models.

It would make your chores easier, and your toilet can be kept clean without thinking about how to set the toilet back to its original. Keeping a toilet clean is very important due to hygiene, and It cannot be compromised.

Final Words

After learning about the different features to avoid when buying a new toilet, you would think twice about making the purchasing decision straight ahead.

It is a long-term investment, and you should take into account all the needs and wants you might have to make the final decision regarding the toilet types you purchase.

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