Comfort Height vs Chair Height vs Standard Height Toilet – Which One to Pick?

Toilet is one of the essential appliances for any home, which is why a wrong choice can be pretty distressful for anyone. Buying a new toilet may seem like a pretty uncomplicated venture, but it is more than what meets the eye in reality.

The height of a toilet can have a huge impact on the comfort of the user. Based on this feature, you get the terms chair and comfort toilet height. Although these terms sound quite puzzling, we’re here to guide you through a detailed comfort height vs chair height comparison.

Comfort Height vs Chair Height

You might think that comfort height and chair height refer to two different toilets, but actually, they are used to denote a toilet of similar height. So why are there two different terms, and how do they differ exactly? Let’s break it down.

Chair height refers to all the toilets that comprise a minimum height of 17 inches. On the other hand, comfort height is specifically used by a USA-based company, Kohler CO, that designs high-quality and premium finish chair heights.

So, comfort height toilets are also included under the 17-inch height zone. The two different terms exist because of brand-specific reasons. These toilets do not have any difference in terms of height, but they are pretty different on the basis of design and characteristics.

Comfort Height vs Standard Toilet

Standard height toilets are another popular toilet category. These toilets have a lot of differences, starting from their measurements, features, and suitability.

Here are some of the important differences between standard and comfort height toilets:

FeaturesComfort Height ToiletStandard Height Toilet
Total Toilet Height17-19 inches with seat15-16 inches with seat
Additional NamesChair Height (common), Universal Height (according to Toto), Right Height (According to American Standard), ADA Compliant HeightRegular Height Toilet
Suitable forAlmost everyone, including tall individuals, aged people, people with different injuries and disabilitiesChildren, people with short stature, households comprising of people with different heights
CostQuite cheapMore on the pricier side
AdvantageHelps elderly and disabled patients to sit comfortablyProvides a natural position for sitting, combats constipation problems  
DisadvantageDangling feet causes a decline in circulation, precipitates constipationNot appropriate for tall and disabled people as it requires more effort to stand up
Common inCommercial Places, Semi-public access & HouseholdsHouseholds

Now that you know how these toilets are in comparison to each other, let’s have a quick look at the features, pros, and cons of each toilet in detail:

Chair Height Toilet

Chair height toilets are toilets that have a length of 17-10 inches approximately. Unlike comfort height toilets, they do not fall under a specific brand; hence, they are versatile. These toilets sit at a seat height a few inches higher than standard height toilets.

The best thing about these toilets is that they are very easy to use. With these toilets, standing and sitting get very convenient, and there are no issues involves. These toilets are very comfortable for people of all ages, diseases, and injuries.


  • Easy sitting and standing up facility
  • Ideal for people of tall stature
  • Suitable for disabled individuals
  • Comes at a cheaper price point


  • Might be uncomfortable for short people
  • May aggravate constipation problems


Comfort Height Toilets

Comfort Height toilets are the ADA compliant and Kohler term for chair height toilets. They are basically a brand-specific version of chair height toilets so that you will find all the benefits of chair height toilets in them.

Since they are specific for Kohler, you get a ton of added features with these toilets. Due to such features and innovative designs, these toilets are widely popular among homeowners.

These toilets are usually 2-3 inches elevated than standard height toilets. This feature makes them convenient for senior individuals as well as quite tall people.

They have very strong facilities for getting up from the toilet seat, so disabled people find it very helpful. These toilets also come in very unique and user-friendly designs and styles, so they are trendy right now.


  • Suits handicapped and aged people
  • Comes in innovative designs
  • ADA compliance is present


  • Can lower the blood circulation with dangling of feet
  • May precipitate the chances of constipation


Standard Height Toilet

With a height of around 14 to 16 inches, standard height toilets have been there from the beginning.  – an ideal size for short individuals and kids.

A height of this range allows users to comfortably sit on the seat with their feet down without any issues of dangling. These seats also provide a natural position during bowel emptying so that you can be free of any constipation problems.

Although they are pretty convenient in terms of seating arrangements, they are not ideal for people of all statures, which is why they are less popular.


  • Combats against constipation issues
  • Perfect for kids and adults with short stature
  • No circulatory deficit occurs


  • Not appropriate for tall and disabled people
  • Fall on the expensive side


Which One is Better?

Now that you know about each of the toilets, the question might arise regarding which one is a better option for you. Here is a quick summary to enlighten you about which toilet would be an ideal option: 

Ease of Use

The first thing that comes to mind before purchasing a toilet is the ease of use/convenience.

Chair height, comfort height, and standard height toilets are all designed to provide easy standing and sitting. But it is not the same case for all individuals.

If you have handicapped, elderly or diseased people at home, you might want to go for chair or comfort height toilets. The same applies to tall people. With these toilets, you will find maximum convenience in sitting and standing up. 


The standard height for toilets is around 16 inches for normal people. According to ADA Compliance Act, the height approved for disabled people from floor to toilet seat is 2-3 inches more than standard height.

This is why comfort height and chair height toilets are better options. Among the two, comfort height toilets would be a slightly better one since they come in different styles to meet the requirements of the users. Also, raised toilet seat could be a great options to adjust the toilet height.

If you are not much concerned about ADA Compliance Act or ADA Bathroom Requirements, please read our article HERE!


Chair height toilets and comfort height toilets are better than standard height toilets when it comes to design. But if you had to choose between chair height and comfort height toilets, the latter would be an ideal choice.

Since Kohler markets comfort height toilets, you can be assured of the color and unique designs these toilets provide. Moreover, comfort height toilets have different layouts for wash sets, so they are a better option for homeowners.

Final Words

Bringing it to the end of comfort height vs chair height comparison, there is no doubt that comfort height toilets are a better match for almost everyone in terms of style, design, and construction.

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