How do you fix a toilet that won’t fill with water?

When a toilet becomes relatively old, it begins to malfunction. Occasionally the handle comes unfastened, sometimes the toilet makes strange noises, and sometimes the tank stops filling up. Whatever the case may be, that toilet must be repaired as soon as possible.

Seeing as you’re here, your toilet tanks must have begun to malfunction. Luckily for you, repairing toilet tanks is a quick and easy problem that you can easily tackle on your own.

Don’t be alarmed if your toilet won’t fill with water. We’ll show you precisely how to repair it right here.

Why Toilet Won’t Fill With Water?

Let’s start with some of the most likely causes why your toilet tank isn’t filling up with water

1. Adjusting Fill Valves that are Improperly Placed

Let us begin with a common source of disruption. The first and most prevalent issue that causes water tanks to cease filling is faulty fill valve adjustments. Your toilet won’t fill up if the fill valves are not properly positioned.

The float on the fill valve, in essence, regulates the level of water. As a result, float placement is critical throughout the water filling process.

In case the float is not properly installed in the correct position and placed a little too low for the tank, the fill valve could shut down abruptly.

Primarily, there are three ways in which the float can be adjusted.

  • For floats That Have Screws on Top

Among the different ways, the first one is applicable if the float has a screw on top of it. In this instance, you will have to rotate the screw to alter the level of the float. You have to continue rotating until the float is in the proper place on the tank.

  • For Ball Floats

Now, if instead of having a float with a screw, you have a ball float, you will have to adopt a different approach. In this situation, you will have to rotate the ball in a counter clockwise direction. Keep rotating until the fill valve has been appropriately positioned.

  • For Tabbed Floats

And, in the case you don’t have either of the aforementioned floats and have a tabbed float instead, here’s what you have to do. Unlike the previous cases, you will not have to both with screws here. Instead, you’ll need to detach the tab and physically pull the float to adjust it.

2. Replacing Defective Flappers

If the toilet tank not filling up is your issue, another reason could be a defective flapper.

When flappers fail, a little volume of water from the tank leaks into the toilet bowl. And, this induces the tank to start an endless loop of filling, leaking, and refilling, further giving the impression that the toilet isn’t filling up at all. Check for cracks or fungal accumulation on the surface of the flapper to ensure if it is malfunctioning.

In case the flapper valve is malfunctioning, you will need to purchase a new one to replace the old, defective one. A flapper valve kit includes the valve and a lift chain and can be found in most hardware stores.

Now, the replacement procedure is easy. To begin, remove the tank cover, cut off the water supply, and flush the toilet. Unplug the lift chain from the flush handle once the tank has been emptied. Pull both sides of the flapper valve after disconnecting. This should entirely detach the valve, which can now be disposed of.

Clean the flush valve seat and connect the new flapper in the same way you disconnected the old one. Then, attach the chain, correctly adjust it, and crank the water supply valve to allow the tank to replenish. And, you’re done.

3. Replacing Defective Fill Valves

If the adjustment of the float is properly done and the flapper is in good working order, there’s one other reason why the toilet won’t fill with water. And, that is the malfunctioning of the fill valve.

In this case, you will have to purchase a universal fill valve. They’re usually available in hardware stores, or you can order online. And, these kits come with detailed instruction guides with pictures that will help you replace the defective fill valve with a new now.

Most importantly, no advanced power tools are required. You should be able to complete it with the simple tools you have at home.

Final Words

Even though a malfunctioning toilet may seem difficult to fix, it is actually quite easy. If the tank on your toilet won’t fill with water, you should check out our given solutions. By following the procedures indicated above, you should be able to resolve your problems easily.

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