Dual Flush Vs. Single Flush Toilet: Which One Is Worth Buying?

Toilets are probably one of the most essential parts of a house – even though they were moved indoors for the masses only about a hundred years ago. It might not be a popular topic for casual conversations, but new homeowners are probably desperate for some advice!

There is only one basic difference that affects a toilet’s functions: whether it is a dual flush or a single flush toilet. Our take on dual flush vs single flush toilets is here to remove any confusion from your mind and let you choose the best toilet for you.

How Do Toilets Work?

Before we begin, it would be best for us to explain to you the basic anatomy of a toilet. A typical toilet will have two main parts – the bowl and the tank. The bowl is the part connected to the drain, where waste and water are disposed of.

On the other hand, the tank acts as a reserve and refills the bowl with clean water after the toilet has been flushed.

Single Flush Toilet Explained

Since water and plumbing were introduced inside homes, single-flush toilets were the norm. Most old houses and buildings use single flush toilets, usually because they have not remodeled their bathrooms since it was built.

As the name suggests, a single flush toilet has only one button. Pressing or pulling the flush empties the bowl and reserves completely.

Dual Flush Toilet Explained

The dual flush toilets have been around only since the 1980s and are much less common, but there is a good chance you have spotted them!

You may have seen two buttons for flushing on the top of some toilets and wondered what the function of the extra one is. Well, today, you finally get the answer!

As you might have guessed, these double flushes come with dual flush toilets, and each is to be used separately. One button activates the flush system to use less water, half the water in the bowl. The other button works like a single flush toilet and clears out the bowl and the reserve completely.

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Single Flush vs. Dual Flush: Who’s the Winner?

Now that you understand how a toilet functions, you will be able to understand the single vs. dual flush toilet debate better.

This section will help you settle on which toilet would be the best for you as we pull out the pros and cons list.

Which One Uses Less Water?

Up to 24% of water wastage in a household is due to single flush systems installed years ago that have not been upgraded. A single flush can use up to 5 gallons of water in every flush!

Dual flush toilets let you pick how much water is necessary for a single flush instead of using unnecessary water every time you flush. This significantly reduces water usage in a household overall.

Which Flushing System Is More Convenient?

In dual flush systems, pressing the wrong button might not release enough water from the reserve to completely eliminate the waste.

This would defeat the purpose of the system as you would have to flush again, wasting more water. The buttons are also more difficult to push down since they need more force and can be a problem for people with arthritis.

A bonus perk of a single flush toilet is that it does not always require a button and instead can have a lever or handle. These can be activated using other body parts such as your foot or your elbow to avoid hand contact with the unsanitary toilet and require less force.

Which One Is Easy to Maintain?

The maintenance of a dual flush system is something to keep in mind when purchasing one. Of course, you would want to be able to use it for a long period of time before it needs to be replaced.

However, parts of a dual flush system can be difficult to come by and/or very expensive. This makes it more burdensome to maintain compared to a simple single-flush toilet.

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Which One Is More Expensive?

Sadly, most – if not all – great things come with a higher price tag.

Dual flush toilets are significantly more expensive than single flush toilets. They are a more complicated system that is built to be more efficient and calculative in water usage. On the other hand, you will also be saving quite a lot on your water bills in the future!

Which One Is the Eco-Friendly Option?

Water wastage is a significant part of fighting global warming and climate change, which is why altering our habits is crucial, especially in private households.

Single flush toilets use up a great quantity of water, which is shocking when you view this waste overall. For this reason, dual flush toilets need to be installed in more homes.

Which One Looks Better?

Finally, the aesthetics of the toilet – like in most things – are completely subjective. It can differ according to a person’s preference as well as the overall design of the bathrooms in the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of toilet flush is best?

The objective of the upgrade from a single flush toilet to a dual flush toilet is to save water since water is used up the most in the toilet. They are, however, more expensive to purchase and maintain, so they can be the lesser choice for many users.

2. Is a single flush toilet better than a dual flush toilet?

Single flush toilets are not better than dual flush toilets regarding functionality, efficiency, and eco-friendliness. However, some people may label the “better” flush to be a single flush toilet because they are less expensive and easier to maintain.

3. Are dual flush toilets more expensive?

Dual flush toilets tend to be more expensive because it is a more advanced and complicated system compared to a single flush toilet.

4. Which toilets have the more powerful flush?

Single flush toilets are more powerful because they use more water.

5. What makes a toilet flush stronger?

The factors that control the strength of a toilet flush are the clogging of the pipes, the height of the toilet bowl, the valve system in the reservoir, and the amount of water in the reservoir, amongst other things.

Final Words

Our dual flush vs single flush toilet article should make it clear that in terms of features, a dual flush is better. But are they worth the investment?

The answer is – it depends on whether or not you are able to afford the investment of purchasing and maintaining a dual-flush toilet. If you can, then it’s certainly worth it.

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