What Is A Dual Flush Toilet And How It Works?

Many recent households tend to employ dual flush toilets. If you aren’t familiar with them, you might ask what is a dual flush toilet and what advantages can it provide? Is it worth the cost of installation?

As you can see, there are many questions surrounding dual flush toilets. This guide serves to explain what a dual flush toilet is, how it works and what advantages and disadvantages are to using it. We’ll also look at whether you should install it in your house or not.

What Is a Dual Flush Toilet?

It’s a toilet that employs a dual flushing system. Regular toilets have only one button or handle for flushing whereas dual flush toilets have two. The two different buttons are used to flush different amounts of water.

One of the buttons flushes a smaller amount of water and the other button flushes a larger amount. Most common dual flush toilets have the options to use 3 liters of water or 6 liters of water during flushing. However, some variations have the options to choose between 11 and 5.5 liters.

How Does a Dual Flush Toilet Work?

Unlike regular toilet types which make use of a tube and siphoning action, dual flush toilets have a large bowl and trapway for removing wastes.

They require less water for flushing since they make use of gravity to flush downwards. The two buttons simply control the volume of water that is released into the toilet bowl.

Difference Between Dual Flush and Normal Toilets

At first glance, it may seem like it is almost impossible to distinguish between the dual flush and normal toilets. The main outstanding feature is to check how many handles or buttons the toilet has. Normal toilets have only one circular button or handle while dual flush toilets feature two buttons or two handles.

Normal toilets have a fixed amount of water that they can use for flushing. Dual flush toilets have two water volume options to select from.

Advantages of a Dual Flush Toilet

So what advantages can you gain from using a dual flush toilet? Let’s check them out.

1. Conservation of Water

Regular toilets do not allow you to choose how much water you’ll use to remove wastes. A lot of times you’ll end up wasting water unnecessarily.

However, dual flush toilets offer the option to use less water to remove wastes since they have a smaller flush option. For insignificant waste that is easier to clean, this option is very helpful.

Although it might not seem like much throughout a long time, you will inevitably save a lot of water by using a dual flush toilet. Every liter of water counts.

2. Saves Money

Although the initial cost of setting up a dual flush toilet is higher than regular toilets, they save you more money in the long run. Since you’ll be using less water, you’ll be cutting down on your water bills.

The money you’ll save in the long run is often well worth the initial cost provided you buy a good quality dual flush toilet.

3. Cleaning Wastes Is Easier

The best dual flush toilet can deal with both liquid and solid wastes due to the two flush options they have. The stronger flush option is great for dealing with solid wastes or large volumes which can be cleaned with one flush thus saving water.

4. Less Clogging

Unlike regular toilets, dual flush toilets possess a larger trapway for disposing of wastes. This decreases the chances of clogging and makes it unlikely for the toilet to break down easily.

Thus, dual flush toilets often require less maintenance and have a longer life span than regular flush toilets since they aren’t prone to clogging.

Disadvantages of Dual Flush Toilet

However, dual flush toilets are not without their flaws. The disadvantages of dual flush toilets are-

1. Higher Initial Cost

It should be noted that the initial cost of buying and installing a dual flush toilet is much higher than most regular toilets. Although the running costs are lower, dual flush toilet brands usually charge more for their products.

2. Requires Cleaning

After every flush of a dual flush toilet, there is less water in the bowl. So dual flush toilets can get dirty very fast compared to regular toilets. So, you will need to clean the bowl much more often if you’re using a toilet like this.

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How to Use a Dual Flush Toilet?

Using a dual flush toilet is easy once you’ve installed it. Usually, the two buttons at the top are writing to denote the flush type. Depending on your needs you just need to press the correct button to have the required amount of water flow into the bowl.

Sometimes instead of buttons, levers or handles are featured. In those cases, you just need to pull the required one upwards to initiate the flush.

Are Dual Flush Toilets Worth It?

So now you might be wondering whether dual flush toilets are worth it. These sanitary hardware are a great addition to any home.

Although the initial price might be off-putting to some, it is well worth it due to the long life span, they will cut down on water costs thus saving you money. Regarding the single flush vs. dual flush toilets debate, we highly recommend using the latter.

Dual Flush Vs. Single Flush Toilet: Which One Is Worth Buying?

If you’re looking to save money on your water bill and reduce your environmental impact, a dual flush toilet might be the better choice. However, if you’re looking for a simpler, more straightforward toilet, a single flush toilet might be a better fit.

Ultimately, the best toilet for you will depend on your specific needs, budget, and personal preferences, so be sure to do your research and consider your options carefully before making a decision.

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Are Dual Flushing System is best in the market?

Whether a dual flush system is the best in the market depends on individual needs and preferences. Some people might find the dual flush system to be very convenient and effective, while others might prefer a different type of toilet flushing system.

Final Words

After reading this, we hope that you have found the answer to what is a dual flush toilet. As you can see, dual flush toilets are well worth the money and can improve your washroom or bathroom. Remember to buy one from a trusted or renowned brand.

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