How to Fix The Toilet When It’s Making Hissing Sound

It is very common for you to encounter your toilet making hissing sounds. The common solution that most people decide on is to call plumbing services.

However, these professionals will figure out the problem, fix it, and eventually ask for a handsome amount of money for their work.

Instead, why not try to fix the problem on your own so that you will not have to call people over every single time something goes wrong. And we will help you understand the problem and fix it.

Toilet Making Hissing Sound 

You need to follow some steps as you are handling the issues with your toilet hissing on your own. By following these steps, you will be able to fix the problem to stop your toilet from making noise. Below the steps are given:

Step 1: Finding Out What the Problem Is

Toilets can have various problems. They get clogged, they overflow, they leak, or the flushing doesn’t work. Sometimes they make sounds and do not function properly because of parts that are old or broken. When it comes to problems regarding your toilet making hissing sounds, there can be multiple reasons for it happening.

The common reasons that would cause your toilet to start hissing all the time are because of a leaking toilet valve or if the toilet valve is malfunctioning. Another reason is if there is a huge build-up of calcium inside the pipes of the toilet.

Step 2: What You Need to Decide on

You need to open the toilet’s lid and check to see if there is something abnormal about the valves. The condition of the valves or how the valves are positioned would be the cause of the hissing. Also, make sure you check if the valves are old and worn out.

If you think these are things you can’t fix by yourself, you need to immediately call a plumber or any other professional meant to fix any toilet problems. But if you think that you can fix the problem yourself, you need to buy the necessary tools and parts and do everything yourself.

Step 3: Buying the Necessary Equipment

Out of all the equipment or tools necessary for fixing toilet problems, a wrench is the most important, and sealing tape is also useful. These are the essential tools you need.

But depending on the reason the hissing of the toilet has started, you might need other tools as well. So it would help if you asked any hardware shops about the tools required to fix a particular issue.

Step 4: Work on the Fix

Depending on the issue, you need to work on the fix. Let’s get to know what issues you can have and their solutions.

  • Issues with the Float Valve

The float valve is also known as the ball-cock valve. This makes your toilet make a whistling or squealing type of hissing sound. It happens right after you flush the toilet. The tank begins to refill, and that is when the hissing or whistling sound comes.

You can just move the float valve and adjust it again into a new position in most cases. Adjusting the float valve’s mechanism is a simple task.

And since the parts are very cheap and easily available, you can go ahead and replace the whole thing too since you already have to disassemble the parts. For better results, you might want to change or upgrade your fill valve. This saves you from having to face this float valve problem frequently.

  • Issues with the Fill Valve

If the toilet makes a type of hissing like an air noise, it means that the fill valve inside the toilet is not properly sealing after it closes. This makes air or water start leaking from the fill valve.

If your fill valve does not close properly, then you need to replace the entire thing. There is no way of adjusting it to fix the toilet fill valve hissing. You can now go ahead and buy a replacement fill valve and install it to prevent future toilet hissing.

  • Issues with Overflow Tube

The hissing in your toilet can also be caused by water draining into the overflow tube inside the toilet tank. After you flush your toilet, the water is emptied out of the tank and flows into the toilet bowl.

The tank then begins to fill up again after losing all the water from before. The fill valve that we mentioned earlier is the valve limiting the refilling of the water in the tank so that it does not overflow and stays at a certain amount needed for every flush.

When this fill valve is not positioned or installed properly, it won’t work as a stopper which is meant to limit the water being refilled after every flush.

Thus, it makes the water overflow as it is being refilled above the brim of the toilet tank and flows into the toilet bowl as well. This is another cause of the toilet hissing. But as long as you fix the fill valve and the float valve, then it should be fine.

  • Issues with the Flapper Valve

The flapper valve is situated at the bottom of the toilet tank. There might be a problem with the flapper valve slowly getting old and damaged if you see that the water is not flowing to the toilet bowl after flowing through the overflow tube.

This might mean the water is leaking into the bowl through the flap valve. This valve is made of rubber or sometimes hard plastic. The valve is supposed to shut or seal the tank tightly due to the rubber material.

But with time, sometimes the rubber or hard plastic might crack from being too old. This is when the water will begin to leak out into the bowl from the tank. You can either replace the entire flapper or you could try to clean it frequently so that it does not get damaged.

Final Verdict 

If you ever asked yourself why is my toilet making a hissing sound every time you flush, then you will firstly need to understand the reasoning behind the toilet making hissing sounds. You need to take apart the parts of the toilet and examine whatever looks damaged or misplaced.

You can either choose to fix the problem yourself by buying new parts or readjusting parts. Or you can call a professional to do the job for you, but that would cost a lot of money. So it is best to use the steps above as help to fix the hissing problem.

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