Is It Possible to Convert Round Toilet to Elongated?

After several years of pondering on my little round toilet, I couldn’t help but wonder why people own elongated toilets. That was until I sat on one myself at a friend’s place and realized how much more comfortable and spacious it was. So I quickly decided to replace my old toilet model with an elongated one.

To my utter dismay, it turned out to be more than I could afford at that time. Fortunately, instead of giving in to my frustration, I found an effective way to convert round toilet to elongated. If you are also limited by a budget but are looking for a change, this article is exactly what you are looking for.

Difference Between Round Toilet and Elongated Toilet

Apart from the obvious differences in appearance, round toilets and elongated toilets have plenty of other distinguishing features. These differences are pretty subtle but should be taken into consideration before you convert round toilets to elongated ones.

  • Comfortability

Both of these toilet types are pretty easy to use. However, elongated toilets have larger seats, which offer better comfort. This makes it suitable for people of all ages in the household. For those who have trouble moving, elongated toilets are an ideal choice.

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  • Installation

Installation methods for both of these toilets are pretty similar, but elongated toilets tend to be heavier. You may find it easier to clean an elongated toilet as it has a lesser crevice at its bottom. It’s not that easy to reach the bottom of the bowl in a round toilet.

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  • Space

If we are talking about the amount of space it consumes, then it usually varies for each brand. An elongated toilet has a longer seat which takes up 2 inches more space than a round toilet.

Can You Convert Round Toilet to Elongated?

It’s not possible to make a round toilet look exactly like an elongated model without replacing it. The closest you can get is by replacing the round toilet seat with an elongated one. But can you put an elongated toilet seat on a round toilet? Well, the answer is yes.

It might not have a pleasing outlook, but it will still work just fine. For that, you might need to take some factors under consideration. The length of the elongated seat must be the same as the available length on the round model. Also, measure the width of the seat and the toilet from edge to edge to make sure they will fit.

The seat post holes should be in corresponding positions so that you can easily screw the seat in. Apart from that, you might have to modify the plumbing a little bit and move the wall to make some space. If you need to do so, try hiring a professional for that.

Final Words

As you might already know by now, you can’t magically convert round toilet to elongated. However, it is possible to make it look like the latter by replacing the toilet seat. Keep in mind that the seat might look out of place even if it grants you more space and comfort.

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