How to Get Rust Stains Out of Toilet Bowl (Easy Methods)

Rust stains are quite a hassle for almost everyone if you live in a humid environment. And the worst thing about it is that there isn’t that much you can do to prevent it since it’s a natural phenomenon.

But you can remove these rust stains using various methods with ingredients that you can find lying around in your house.

And we are here to tell you how to get rust stains out of toilet bowls and much more.

How to Get Rust Stains Out of Toilet?

We have given brief descriptions of different methods that you can follow with both chemical and non-chemical ingredients. So, without waiting any further, let’s get into it, shall we?

Chemical Solutions:

We’ll start off with solutions that include chemical products. They are more effective when it comes to getting rid of rust stains.

Shaw’s Pad

Shaw’s Pads work with an approach which a bit different from the other methods here. They use the “elbow grease” principle.

This means that all you have to do is wet the scouring cloth and scrub at the stains to remove them. This works for other substances as well, such as calcium. Moreover, Shaw’s Pads will not scratch the surface.

Bar Keepers Friend

The Bar Keepers Friend comes as a very practical approach to removing rust from the toilet bowl and the parts around it. They come in both a liquid form and a powder form.

Bar Keepers Friend will take care of the rust stains from your toilet bowl like a pro. Moreover, it also works on sinks and metal faucets.

The Work Limesol

Hydrochloric acid is a very effective chemical for removing rust stains, mainly because it’s an acid that can deoxidize the rust to make it removable.

And since the Work Limesol uses this acid as its active ingredient, it works great for rust stain removal.

Coca Cola

The following chemical here knows how to clean toilet tank rust, but we rarely use it. Now, Coca-Cola drinks are favorites for most of us. Its sugary and acidic taste feels amazing.

But it doesn’t only eat away our tooth enamel; it can also take care of rust stains. All you have to do is apply Coca-Cola to your toilet bowl and let it rest overnight. You will be able to scrub the stains off easily the very next morning.

Non-Chemical Solutions

Now that we have shown you your different chemical methods for removing rust from the toilet bowl, we would like to show some non-chemical techniques as well. So, here goes:

Pumice Sticks

The first method that we’d like to introduce to you is using pumice sticks. They work great when it comes to removing stains created from rust, especially when used on porcelain.

You can use it gently to scour away stains from rust, mineral deposits, and other such stains. These can also be used to remove unwanted paint from metalwork.

These sticks are made from pumice stones, a soft volcanic stone, and a hundred percent natural. Moreover, they are safe for any sort of dermal contact.

So, you can store them anywhere and won’t have to worry about your kids and pets getting sick from touching them.

Vinegar and Lime

The second one would be a very common home remedy for rust stains. At first, pour some white vinegar into your toilet bowl.

And let it sit overnight. Now, if you have stains above the water level, make sure that you coat them with vinegar when you pour them in.

Once the night is over, make a paste of lime and baking soda, and apply it above the waterline. Now let it sit for an hour or so. Then you can easily scrub the stains off.

Baking Soda and Water

The third non-chemical solution is relatively easy and doesn’t require you to wait that long, but it does need a lot of scrubbing to be done.

At first, sprinkle some baking soda over the stain and start scrubbing with a toothbrush dipped in water. The stains might seem stubborn when you use this method, but they will come off if you keep scrubbing at it.

How to Prevent Rust Stains

Up until now, we have shown you how to remove rust stains from the toilet bowl and its outskirts.  But now we’ll show you some techniques that you can follow to prevent rust stains altogether because- “Prevention is better than cure.”

  • Install a Water Softener Oran Iron Filter

In most cases, you’ll get rust stains in your bathroom because of hard water, which is rich in iron.

This is seen especially in the case of wells. Now, they are very easy to install, but they come off to be very expensive. However, they can go a long way in preventing rust stains altogether.

  • Try Keeping Metal Cans Away from the Toilet Bowl

Metal cans have metal rings, which get rusted very easily when they come in contact with water. These include shaving cream cans, air fresheners, hairspray cans, etc. Try storing them away to prevent rust.

  • Wipe the Bathtub and Sink After You’re Done Using

Till now, we have given you advice on how to clean rusty toilets; well, here’s one that will help you clean up the other parts of the washroom, such as your sink and your bathtub.

Wipe them down after each use to remove any kind of residual iron. That can highly prevent rust buildup in both places, saving you a lot of work.

Final Words

And that brings us to the end of our guide. We hope that we could explain how to get rust stains out of toilet bowls and out of other parts of the toilet.

Now, use all that we taught to make your toilet look squeaky clean and rust-free. Moreover, please be careful while handling all these chemicals because they are corrosive materials that will surely harm your skin.

In addition to all that, if you feel like we left something out from this guide, please feel free to reach out to us. We would appreciate it.

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