Class 5 Toilet Flushing System: Best Flush Technology in The Market?

It’s impossible to say how many times I was left with a bowl lingering with waste, even after multiple flushes. This usually led to me pressing the flush button repeatedly until it eventually gave out. But there is always that one piece of feces that decides to stick around.

That’s until I finally came across the class 5 toilet flushing system . Its amazing jet action and fast swirling motion allowed me to get rid of large amounts of waste with the single push of a button. If your problems are anything similar to mine, you definitely want to know what is the Kohler class 5 flushing system.

What is Class 5 Flush Technology?

The class 5 toilet flushing system is an innovative design in the modern toilet manufacture industry. This flushing system is mainly designed for incredible bulk flushing operations. It can take care of large amounts of waste with a single action in a few moments.

It consists of a big flush valve that offers a constant flow of water quickly. The water flow is rapid and continuous, which ensures quick waste disposal. It also contains a direct-fed jet, which increases water flow inside the toilet. Most class 5 flushing systems are quiet and can easily clean the bowl.

What Makes Kohler Class Five Toilet Flushing So Effective?

It’s safe to say that the Kohler class 5 toilet technology sets it apart from other models on the market. There are a few specific reasons for that. For starters, the flushing valve it comes with is much larger (3.25 inches in diameter) than what regular toilets have (2.8 to 3 inches in diameter).

This helps them provide higher speed and allows you to dispose of the waste faster with just a push of a button. The intense water pressure makes it impossible for any waste to be left behind. It is a surefire way of cleaning your toilet bowl with swift swirling action.

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What is a Class 6 Toilet?

The class 6 flushing system is the latest invention in the toilet manufacturing industry. It’s a state-of-the-art technology that maximizes the jet action to deliver more power than ever before. Due to this feature, maximum amount of the flushing water goes through the rim, and cleans the bowl quickly.
It’s a highly effective way to quickly get rid of large amounts of waste with a single flush.

Class 5 vs. Class 6 Toilet

There are not many differences between the mechanism of class 5 and a class six toilet flushing system. The main difference lies in the trapway of class 5 flush system. It has a larger diameter than the class six toilets, and the trapway is as polished as the bowl itself.

On the other hand, the class 6 toilet implements a faster water jet that maximizes the waste disposal efficiency by a hundred percent. This provides better water pressure and makes sure not one drop of flushed water goes to waste.

What is the Best Flushing Technology in the Market?

Both class 5 and class 6 flushing technology gives you the upper hand in waste disposal over regular flushing systems. They are both effective at their task in their own ways. However, the class 6 technology is more recent and modified to perform better and faster.

However, I found Kohler Genuine Part Gp1083167 Silent Fill Valve Kit is a great choice if it comes to a latest class 5 toilet flushing systems.

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Final Words

If you have read through the entire article, you probably have a fair idea about the class 5 toilet flushing system. This phenomenal technology will surely be a saving grace when removing bulk waste with a single push.

If you were torn between choosing a class 6 and a class 5 flushing system, this article would help you greatly.

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