16 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Bathroom And Toilet

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, there are a lot of misconceptions that most of us make. While you might think that they don’t affect your hygiene or the cleaning process that much, it is completely the opposite.

If you continue making such mistakes, then you may suffer in the long run. That’s why I have listed 16 of the most common bathroom cleaning mistakes I have noticed people make over the years.

1. Using One Cleaner for Everything

This is arguably the most common mistake I have witnessed people making when they clean their bathrooms. Picking up a multipurpose cleaner from a list of the best toilet cleaners or floor cleaners won’t get the job done.

It is simple, do you have the same type of dirt on your floor that you have in your toilet? Obviously not. Then why would a cleaner meant for bathroom floors will be effective in cleaning toilets?

So, no matter how good the cleaner is, refrain from using it for multiple purposes around your bathroom. You should opt for different types of cleaners for different parts of your bathroom.

2. Cleaning with Dirty Tools

If your tools are dirty in the first place, then no matter how good you are at cleaning, you won’t be able to clean your bathroom perfectly.

That’s why even before you start your cleaning process, check the tools you will be using for cleaning. Check whether they are in good condition or not.

Because if they are not, then the dirt and bacteria will only spread, and you will have to work overtime just to get everything back in order.

Therefore, wash your cleaning clothes, mops, and sponges. Sanitize them, and then start using them to clean your bathroom. A good practice is to clean & disinfect them once you are done using them.

3. Not Removing Dust First

A bathroom gathers a lot of dust and if you don’t remove them first and dive straight into cleaning your bathroom with cleaners and water, then expect a pretty big mess.

So, unless you want to tackle wet dust mixed with cleaners, then we suggest you get a vacuum cleaner and get rid of the dust. If you don’t have one, then just wiping the dust off with a microfiber cloth will get the job done.

4. Cleaning After Disinfecting

Always and I mean all the time, clean before applying disinfectant. This is because cleaning takes away the germs on the surface level, and then the chemicals in disinfectants kill the germs permanently.

If you apply it beforehand, then the effectiveness will be extremely low, and you will have germs lying underneath, making the entire cleaning process almost worthless.

That’s why clean first and then go for disinfecting.

5. Not Opting for A Degreasing When Cleaning the Tub

Soap residue remains once we are done cleaning ourselves in the shower. And once a large amount accumulates, it is almost impossible to get rid of the greasiness without a degreaser.

You can use the ones that you use to clean the kitchen, but dedicated degreasers for tubs will have a better performance.

6. Wiping Instantly After Spraying

A cleaning accessory won’t be able to do its job if you don’t let it sit for a while. Many make this mistake with spray cleaners. They spray on the surface and then immediately go to wipe them off.

Don’t do that. Let the spray sit for a while, and then wipe it off. You will see the difference instantly.

The time of effect depends on the product you are using; just check the description, and you will find out how long you will have to wait before you can wipe it out.

7. Not Blotting on Stains

If you start scrubbing on stains, chances are they will spread and get even deeper. There is also a chance of you damaging the surface. That’s why you should blot on stains and draw the dirt out.

8. Only Choosing Lemon-Based Products

I don’t know why, but for some reason, people think using lemon-based products in your bathroom will instantly make it cleaner.

It is just fragrance! They might make your house smell good, but acids that are included in these products actually harm most parts of your bathroom, so avoid them.

9. Mixing Cleaning Products

Never try to mix different cleaning products. This will only lead to disaster, and you can end up physically harming yourself. Do keep in mind these are chemicals that can be lethal on over usage.

10. Opting for Abrasive Cleaners for Tiles & Ceramics

Abrasive cleaners don’t mix well with tiles & ceramics and will often lead to permanent damage to your bathroom’s surface. So, avoid using them on tiles or ceramics.

11. Choosing A Chemical-Based Drain Cleaner

Chemical-based drain cleaners lead to pipe corrosion and can even damage the drain hole of your basins. If you have to use one, look at whether your pipes are compatible with the drain cleaner ingredients.

12. Relying on In-Tank Toilet Cleaners

There are a lot of toilet cleaning accessories that can help you keep your toilet clean, but an in-tank toilet cleaner isn’t one. The blue water is actually harmful to the toilet surface and will damage the rubber & plastic inside a toilet.

You might use one if you have an easy clean toilet. But for most bathrooms, it is a bad choice. If you don’t know how to clean the toilet perfectly, you can pick this one up, but I recommend you learn how to as soon as possible.

13. Forgetting to Wash the Shower Curtain & Their Liners

Your shower curtains and their liners also harbor a lot of dust and dirt; if you don’t clean them, those will also affect the entire bathroom.

14. Using One Cleaning Cloth/Sponge for Everything

Similar to using one cleaner for everything, if you use one sponge or cleaning cloth for every case, then you will just have more germs and dirt around your bathroom instead.

So, use different sponges and clothes to clean different parts of your bathroom.

15. Not Utilizing The Exhaust Fans

You must turn on the exhaust fans after you are done cleaning. This will ventilate and take out any chemical lingering in the bathroom. Make sure the fans are clean beforehand, though.

16. Not Cleaning from The Top

If you start from the bottom, then when you reach the top, the lower part will get dirty again. So, start from the top if you don’t want gravity to make your work twice.


These are the most common bathroom cleaning mistakes you must avoid for good hygiene. Disregard these things at your own cost, as not cleaning your bathroom properly can be really bad for your overall health.

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