What Can I Put on Top of Toilet Storage?

Bathrooms are hard to maintain, especially if you live in a house with small bathrooms. The bathroom vanity just can’t hold all your toiletries, towels, and bathroom essentials.

One space in the bathroom we tend to ignore is the space on top of the toilet. It is a great spot for bathroom storage while being a space saver.

So, are you wondering, what can I put on top of toilet storage? Well, just about anything you need in your bathroom!

It’s all about how you put it there. The key to any on top of toilet storage ideas is to make it neat and organized. I have shared all the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ you need to know below to ease your trouble.

What Can I Put on Top of Toilet Storage?

The space above your toilet is excellent for more than just a roll of toilet paper, a vase, or a scented candle. It can be the best over the toilet storage space in a small bathroom. You can place an extra storage shelving or cabinet to store towels, extra toilet paper, and all your toiletries.

A top over the toilet storage is a smart small bathroom space saver technique to get some extra storage. Here are some of our favorite modern over toilet storage space ideas you could try.

Float Some Shelves

One of the best solutions for storage and style is shelves. From the kitchen to your bathroom wall – shelves so everywhere!

Floating shelves fit in nearly every decor style. You’ll find floating shelves in various materials. They are –

  • Wooden shelf–is sturdy and will look nice.
  • Glass shelf – use the least visual space possible. They create interesting shadows and reflections when paired with proper lighting.
  • Brass shelf–is best for a luxurious look in your bathroom. Try pairing them with some brass-framed mirrors.

A shelf over a toilet tank is one of the most appreciated bathroom storage ideas to store toilet paper, a hand towel, and your bathroom necessities. Place a plant and candle to complement your decor.

Install a Cabinet

In case you are not keen on displaying your bathroom stuff on an open shelf, try installing a cabinet instead – let the closed container store your bathroom essentials.

A bathroom cabinet can be elegant over the toilet storage space in your small bathroom if you want a clean look. A trick to make your small bathroom look more spacious is to add a mirror-front cabinet.

If you aim for minimalistic bathroom decor, you could use a cabinet that’s the same color as the wall. It will blend in and give a sleek, minimalistic, and classy look.

A pop-of-color isn’t bad either. In fact, painting your toilet cabinet a bright color will give it a bold and trendy look. Pair some pop-of-color around your vanity to complement the cabinet, and you have yourself a funky bathroom.

Use a Ladder (Shelf)

If you can store all your toiletries on a single shelf and don’t want to install multiple floating shelves – go for a ladder shelf. A ladder shelf will not take up too much wall space and can be the perfect minimal-effort extra storage solution.

Ladder shelves come in different lengths and heights. It won’t even occupy much floor space in your bathroom as you place the ladder over your toilet. You can have multiple roomy shelves to store all your towels and storage baskets.

Is It Safe to Put Shelves above Toilet?

When you are setting a floating shelf or a cabinet above your toilet seat, there is always a question of safety. Don’t worry – it is completely safe! As long as you do your calculations right, of course.

The length and height of your open shelf or closed cabinet are very important if you want to avoid bumping into it every time you get up from the toilet seat. Your bathroom shelf also needs to be placed at a proper height to avoid the head bump.

Another very important thing to consider for safety is – what you put on it. If your shelf cannot handle the weight of the bathroom items you place on it, it will crash and fall. Make sure you know how much weight your shelf can carry.

Last but not least, since the storage unit is right above the toilet seat, ensure it is well fitted and sturdy. A loose screw can be disastrous!

How High Should Cabinets Be above Toilet?

As I mentioned, it is very important how high you want the cabinets above the toilet to be. The gap between the top of your tank and the bottom of your cabinet should be at least 24 inches to be safe.

The space between will give you plenty of room to save your head as well as give space to place a decorative piece or some candles to decorate your bathroom space.

How Long Should Shelves Be above Toilet?

The dimensions for floating storage space can be designed as you feel fit. There is no standard size for them. However, your material choice, length, and thickness of the shelves will determine if they will hold the weight of your stuff or bend.

The thickness of your toilet shelf will depend on the material you choose. Also, the depth of a shelf is your choice, but I suggest a 12″ to 14″ deep shelf.

So, the deeper the shelving unit, the more storage space you get. There is no standard length for a shelf. You can pick any length that best fits your wall space.

Final Words

A small bathroom requires the smart utilization of every square space. You can make your bathroom look sleek with just a few shelves and cabinets for the best bathroom storage ideas.

Now that you know more about on top of toilet storage ideas, it should answer your question – what can I put on top of toilet storage? Follow the ideas I gave you when organizing your bathroom storage, and you’ll have a clutter-free space.


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